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This was a classic and priceless contribution. I wonder why i'd not seen it all that time. I'd love to know about the status of the experiment currently. Thanks, man.


Unfortunately I shut down my own pocket node a long time ago. But it was a very fun project to have put together!

pocketsend:[email protected], let's find out if it's still active!

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Thanks for using POCKET! I am running this confirmer code.

Thank you.. And welcome back to steem. Have you seen around yet? there's a foundation being setup by ned on the blockchain to help fund projects.

The invite is invalid or expired or something, it seems. Is this the Steem Alliance that I've seen something about?

I hadn't heard about the foundation! I'll take a look.

Yes, it is still active! Join us for POCKET Fridays on @Improv's blog. Great to have you back.

Delightful! Always cool to see things I've done in the past still around :)

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