So here are my actually favorite chrome plugins that I can't live without them(exclusive!!!) -part 1.

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Number 1 !

OMG , (not the currency) , actually without this "Google translate" I can not survive on the Internet environment full of foreign languages
Full coverage in the link:

Numberrrr 2!

"google art" guys! stay here it's not like the whole article is about google
And this is not an advertisement for Google hehe.
But they are so good and whenever I open a new Tab I see an amazing art from the Google collection of art..
Full coverage in the link:

Numberrrr 3!!!!

Steemit more info, of course...
giving me more information about what the hell is happening here? what is my power vote right now, and just giving me a tool to track about my situation in steemit in this day..
for the full coverage:

Numberrrrr 4!!!!!!!

Grammarly, dear friends So I'm not a poet or a writer, and I need software that will correct me from time to time, it's not nice to make mistakes in spelling mistakes, certainly not with the thousands of viewers in your blog post, this plugin helps me avoid a lot of mistakes.
for full coverage:

because I don't like long posts... I will finish tomorrow with another post cuz I have more awesome plugins in my pocket...

hope you guys found it useful!


@amiramnoam - I love the concept of plugin number 1 and 4. I like to conserve ram so I keep only essential plugins but these would be very useful.
Thank for sharing them. Upvoted


I use a lot Google Translate and Grammarly. It's a must have apps.
I didn't know about the chrome extention for steemit. I will definetly install it on my laptop. Also I didn't know about Steemnow and steemdb. I'm amaized to see how many information I can find there. Thank you for this @amiramnoam.
By the way. Is there any app, or is going to be in the near future, for steemit for android? It would be great to have it installed in my phone.

very useful information thank u :) Number 1 and Number 3 my favorite plugins
Merry Christmas dear @amiramnoam

For me, it's just these three adblockers that do the job:

  1. AdBlock
  2. AdBlock Pro
  3. Fair AdBlocker

Thanks for the summary of your best extensions' posts. I appreciate your hard work and I'm using some of the extensions you talked about.

I recommend going through @amiramnoam's account if you're looking for useful chrome extensions!

thanks again.

helpfull blog..tnx for share..

💙 Great post. Very good writing,i like this post 💙

       💛 Thanks for Sharing  💛

open music gif.gif

Thanks! just installed the steemit more info app :)
for translations I'm using morfix as google translates has a lot of mistakes :) too bad they have ads but uBlock Origin takes care of it :)

ויש שגיאת כתיב קטנה בסוף אחי - כתבת:

תודה, אחי שילייי

Nice" plugins dear @amiramnoam & thanx you so muc for sharing .

this " google translate" is absolutly useful for us.

Very useful post,its really good post.resteem post brother

I was use allot of plugings like:

  • Moz bar
  • VideoStream
  • Gmail
  • Google Translate
  • Ad Blocker
  • Metamask
  • Alexa
  • SimilarWebpages
  • and the list goes on and on...
    But this days i been trying out Brave Browser and i really like it :)

brave is awesome!
sometimes crashing..

google art is quite new for me and i have added it to my chrome just now after reading your post ,thanks for it

google translate helps me a lot when acting on foreign sites and works very well for me

Extremely valuable post, it's better than average post

upvoted and resteemed

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you 💏😘

I heard after cryptopassion Bernie’s coming for you.

definitely agree with the grammar and spelling corrector. Can never go wrong with that!

lovely video & thnx for share @amiramnoam

I like and use these plugins. But best plugins are vpn plugins. :) Cause so much website is closed in Turkey.

And adblock plugin is the best plugin.

Cool share

I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ;)

I'm also a Google translator user. Without Google Translator I could not speak to foreigners. It's very helpfull for me.

Great Post Thank for this post

very helpful post, thank you

important video friend. thanks for sharing @amiramnoam

Nice" sharing my dear @amiranoam & thanx you so much for sharing with us .

Google Translate’s my favorite. You know, we hve international friends here in Steemit. lol

Thanks for your greatin formation...i like your video .

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Thanks for the information I appreciate it @amiramnoam

its very useful post....and i am your big fan

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