Fake Plants

in #plants4 years ago (edited)

Pets. No they're to troublesome at this point.

More furniture.

I don't have the money to spare right now but they could be worth it.

I've been living here for a few months now and loving it. I have a job that can sustain my simple lifestyle.

There are those moments between shifts when I think about the events that happened a while back.

A distraction is badly needed. I could try painting. The learning curve could be enough to serve that purpose. I'm not sure if I could manage the mess though.

One of the neighbors suggested to get a puppy. But with the little living space I have, no, scratch that.

Speaking of neighbors, during one of the chats I had with a few of them, one told me to make a mini indoor garden.

He himself was fond of gardening and is very serious about it being his hobby.

That could work.

If I needed any help taking care of the plants, I could just ask the neighbor.

I have no experience with plants at all. But my mind was made up. I needed a friend, a thing that can keep me company.

After looking around town, there were no garden centers or nurseries anywhere.

Instead of lingering on the feeling of disappointment and despair, I bought a plastic plant.

It's just as pretty, but without the need to be taken cared of. It sits on top of my dining table and helps me think clearly and peacefully when I need to.

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