Seeds of Life

in plants •  2 months ago 

There is something incredibly soothing about staring at seedlings and plants.

Pondering the nature of a seed transforming to seedling...

Watered to awaken.

Planted in darkness.

Breaking out to reach the light.

Growing roots for firm foundation.

Changing to grow.

Transforming to take another form.

One of my dear friends has been sowing lots of seeds to plant in her allotment, so lately, everytime I'm at her place, I have all these little seedlings staring at me.

This was only a week or so before the pics above, it's been amazing to watch them grow more and more, every time I visit.

I love how plants and especially seedlings, really seem to ooze this fresh essence of life and energy of growth and transformations.

Just staring at them and their vibrant green-ness is so incredibly therapeutic.

It's why I decided to post this today. Something hasn't been feeling quite right, I needed a boost, and looking at these do lift me up

If you needed cheering up too, hope this has also helped you <3

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Wow that a real garden in small pots. I also stare at the same tree every day as is blossoming for about a week. I put my nose into his flowers and enjoy them as much as I can until they will be gone. I totally agree that is something mesmerising to look at green leaves/flowers/grass/life bursting from the ground. Is like they give you a second chance or some extra pots of hope

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So true <3 Miss you lady, think I need to come see you soon ;)

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Oh Snap! Beans are already outside, strawberries don't need much attention but these are our tomato plants from last years seed.


Been too cold last few weeks to consider putting them out and not having them affected by sudden hailstorms! But they say the weather will pick up next week so maybe then. Roll on Spring!

Welcome, sweet season of delight,
What beauties charm the wond'ring sight


Amazing! And when are you harvesting your grapes this year??

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What is also great is sprouting, here's a post I made 2 months ago and got a massive 3 upvotes, so must be good lol !


Ah mate, you are rolling in the upvotes aren't you!! Yea I've heard so many great things about sprouting, but personally, I'm not a fan of the taste, also a part of me sees them as plant babies and feels weird eating them hahah. I may get over it at some point, and find them the best thing ever, who knows ;)

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Apart from the fact that it's soothing staring at them, it's also fascinating too those beauty tenderly blooming on a daily basis what a collection.


Indeed :) My friend has an amazing collection, she loves her plants!

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This made me to remember how we always grow seeds also like this when I was a kid.


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