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Hi friends,

As you may know, I planted some jalapenos, cherry tomatoes and sweet basil this spring and have been trying to see if my green thumb works at all.

So far, I have not had too much success. My sweet basil leaves had a bunch of holes in them, and the plant did not look healthy at all so we were not comfortable eating the basil leaves. I ended up pulling the plant so I got a zero yield this year.

The cherry tomato plant has been slow to grow and it now finally is starting to sprout a few tomatoes. They are all still green at the moment so none have ripened to the point of picking. The plant itself has not flourished like I suspected and has grown upward a little, but not really outward very much, which is probably the reason there have not been very cherry tomatoes growing. Here is the how the plant is looking:


The jalapeno plant has been a little bit of a disappointment as well. At one point, I had a good week of growth and about 10 jalapenos sprouted and started growing at once. I have harvested about 6 of them, and have 3 left on the plant, but no other new jalapenos have started sprouting. I thought the plant would yield more, so I am not sure exactly why it is so low. Here is what the plant looks like right now:


Overall, I have had some fun, but my success has been limited. Hopefully, everyone else is having more success with their garden this year than I am!

Thanks for stopping by,

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