What healthy vegans eat 😋

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Just felt like sharing my tasty, yet healthy, high protein vegan concoction I invented for my dinner tonight:


Chickpea and lentil pasta mixed with organic peas and cauliflower in a homemade pesto sauce (fresh basil, hemp oil, tahini, pumpkin seeds and lemon), on a bed of sprouted lentils and buckwheat, topped with quinoa and kale balls, broccoli sprouts and sauerkraut.

Washed that down with some yummy rose and beet kombucha. Nom!


For dessert, a delicious dairy-free coconut vanilla flavored yogurt with fresh organic blueberries, goji berries, a sprinkle of chia and pumpkin seeds, and maple syrup.


As if that wasn't amazing enough, dessert was followed by this delicious goji and pomegranate green tea! Mmm.



You know I love me some pet-free cuisine. 😉

@faeryboots, we sure would like to see you enter these in a @foodfightfriday contest. They look like this. Maybe next time you whip up something you take pictures of, maybe I can talk you into maybe posting it on a Friday with an #fff tag maybe?

And maybe I wouldn’t be over here typing maybe so many times. I hope you guys are having a nice week, Faeryboots, hope you’re feeling well, too, no maybe’s in that one.

Thanks @dandays! I will certainly consider that next time :) I'm doing okay, hope you and Pura are well too.

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I get hangry!

Can’t to read all about it, @see5starr.

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