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Good day steemians!, while me and my son walking I seen this unsual plant. I dont know what name on that plants, what I did is I'm taking photo on the plant.

Its nice color and beautiful, my mother inlaw said to me that plant are snake food she said lots of sanke love that plant. Thats why I ask you all can you tell me what is this plant.

When I see this plant I was amaze cause this flower stand alone , the only one plant surrounding the grass

Hope you like my unusual photo and dont forget to comment what is this kind of plant. And dont forget to hit upvotes below.

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It is good to add the camera or phone that I use, the place where I take photos. A little more text to achieve better presentation and rewards
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Thank you so much for the tips and maybe next time I would.

I am wondering myself what kind of plant this is. I hope you find it out.


Yeh!!me to I still figure it out what is this plant..



Thank you

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