Welcome To PlankTown!! The Adventure Begins!!

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In the ocean deep there are mysteries

that have remained hidden since the dawn of time. Some say they are only legends, and could not possibly be true in any way. But that’s the thing about mysteries, you see. They are mysterious. They are unknown. And sometimes, they even demand a little bit of the rarest thing that one could imagine. Faith.

In the shadows of the deep, I tell you,

there is such a mystery. A place of such beauty and legend that it can only be found by believing. Its existence is not fragile. Only the belief to know it is there, and to see it, is fragile.

But there, it is. It is there.

PlankTown, Under the Sea.


As often happens with legends,

they become stories in what we like to call, ‘the real world.’ Do you know why we call it the real world? Because it is the only world we know. Sometimes, maybe often, and occasionally always, we forget that there are other worlds that we know not of. And they call their world the real world and think of ours as legend.

In a confusing PlankVerse, could it be that there are many real worlds? I say it is more than possible. But how could I know that? After all, I’m barely 7 moons old!

Well, my name is Plankie

and I already know because I live in a magical place called PlankTown. I know this because I’ve heard the legends from the old timers. I’m a plankton and I haven’t seen very much yet in this great big sea world. But I hear the stories in the local saloon from some who have been around these parts forever. Some of them more than 18 moons! I know it’s crazy, but it’s true. They show me their battle scars and wink.

As with any great place that one can call home,

sometimes you have to fight for your place in this world. Well, if you hang around long enough you’ll see that you have to fight for your place in every world. I’m not allowed to tell you, that in PlankTown, there is a secret that only I know about. And the only reason I know about it is because my Uncle Harry was talking about it in his sleep one night when he was visiting us. PlankTown has a secret StarFish Gate that leads to the PlankVerse!! I didn’t believe it at first, but I went and checked it out. I shouldn’t have, but now I’m glad I did. I would rather know that we are not alone in the PlankVerse.

But now it scares me a little

because sometimes I hear whispers about those that want to control or even destroy PlankTown. They call him the MerMan. Well, the MerMan better hope he never comes to PlankTown ‘cause let me tell you something. We’re no push over. Uncle Harry is the most massive electric eel to ever work on the BlockChain Gang powering the BlockChain. You think I’m bragging about my Uncle Harry don’t you? Just ‘cause he’s my uncle. Well, let me put it this way. Every shift on the BlockChain Gang requires four electric eels to power it. Four. Not three, four. My uncle Harry only ever had One other eel with him on his shift. Let me tell you that he’s popular in PlankTown. Every Krill in town is always asking him to power her shellfone, and he can never say no. A little zap to fully power up her shellfone and she’s off and swimming giggling to her friends, ‘Hey!! Harry zapped my shellfone!!’ It’s honestly super cute but I can barely ever get a minute with him! The MerMan can pick a fight here if he wants to but it’s a mistake I’m pretty sure.

My GrandPlank is a vet from the first big flag war

and he worked with the resistance and other groups during the war. Gotta love my GrandPlank, he gets along with everybody!! But wow he’s tough. He doesn’t look it and I think that’s why people are so surprised when he does react to something. This Krill gal I’m in love with, wow, what a Krill. BlueBerry Krill, just wow! Her papa is KrillBill and everyone knows he’s a stone cold Kriller. He owns a Sushi joint in PlankTown called the Krill & Grill and fancies himself some kind of legendary, sword wielding Salmonrai.

Anyway, he told my GrandPlank

one day that I wasn’t good enough for his daughter, my beautiful BlueBerry Krill. As usual, my GrandPlank said and did nothing. Until KrillBill put his tentacle on my GrandPlank. What happened after that is still debated to this day. My GrandPlank spun in a circle dragging his feet on the ocean floor and kicked up a cloud of sand just like the legendary smoke bombs from The Above. When the water started to clear my GrandPlank had KrillBill in some crazy mixed plankton arts chokehold and KrillBill was limp and barely breathing. My GrandPlank spoke quietly. So very quietly. And those around him leaned in close to hear him say, ‘I’m pretty sure you were saying my GranBoy Plankie is your favourite choice to take BlueBerry Krill on a date to the reef. Well, KrillBill couldn’t really say too much, seeing as he wasn’t breathing all that much at the moment, but he nodded hard. Very hard indeed. And that’s how I got my first date with BlueBerry Krill. I felt a little bad for KrillBill, seeing as he was now the second toughest creature in PlankTown. But that only lasted until BlueBerry Krill gave me a little smile and a wave and mouthed the words, sea you later alligator, and winked. Oh did she wink. She winked with one of her gorgeous big brown eyes. And that red hair. Wow.



You might be wondering how I have a massive electric eel for an uncle, but really I’m not the best plank to ask. After all, my PlankPapa is a plankton and he fell in love with my MinnowMama, so really I’m kinda looking to you to explain the SeaUrchins and ClownFish to me.

All I know is I’m sitting here on this reef

with the Krill of my dreams. I’ll have to tell you how we met someday soon. But. That’s another story.

For now, all I know is I’m a PlankTown Plank in love, and I’m going to kick back at the reef with my sweet BlueBerry Krill, bet it all on red, and try to beat the house.


©All images, music & stories are owned by PlankTown™



Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight

to Steemians all around the world. I want to send out a big Thank You to the many folks who are supporting PlankTown and looking forward to having some fun. I can't tell you how much your support means to me, @derosnec & @globocop.

Please keep a sharp lookout for our next instalment of PlankTown

coming next week! Thank you all so very much for all the love shown. To each and every follow, resteem and vote we humbly thank you and look forward to entertaining you with the many adventures of PlankTown & the PlankVerse!!

Welcome to PlankTown, Under The Sea!

Love, @thebugiq, @derosnec & our beloved PlankTown Sheriff @globi Chris 'The Hat' Hatfield @globocop


This is Awesome! Good Job Guise! Need Moar Planktown :)

without planktown there would be no oil in the middle east, since plankton created the vast oil and gas in the bottom of the sea and the bottom of the dessert, they'd been here during dinosaurs age.

muy cierto tu comentario.

Why must I beeeeeeeee and snekky with no finnsssssss toooo swimmmmmm

Really amazing work! I am such a super FAN ((Starts to fansnek)) OMG I am in loveeeeeeeee


un trabajo muy lindo

I guess your @planktown name derived from plankton in the bottom os the ocean? LOL

its a beautiful town

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Hello @planktown! This vote comes courtesy of @thedolphincocoon by way of @ma1neevent.

Why - would you believe it?

While electric eel uncle Harry was zapping Krill's shellfone, the power went off down at the sheriff's office, the pub and the jail. In the courthouse, too.

Official Notice
I have to remind all electric eels on duty that delivering power to the town's vital locations is first priority.

I am a bit grumpy now, polishing my flag guns.

But that story is just so darling....
Sheriff Globi

Wouldn't want to do this without ya Sheriff Globi!!

With Uncle Harry, GrankPlank, and KrillBill around MerMan would be wise not to mess with PlankTown!!

Unless....dun dun dun.

"Plank In Love" is my jam of the year! The @planktown set a very high standard with this one.

The funny part was, I was almost thinking you were gearing the story towards Spongebob. Boy was I glad to be wrong. :)

This is so Awsome my friend 🤗 really love the story, made me smile. Amazing job.

To have an idea get this type of support.. Hands Downs Love Steemit

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