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Last month I published a post celebrating my 15SP milestone. This took about four and a half months. What I didn’t say in that post was that I didn’t even earn all that SP - I bought 6 of those on Binance because I wanted 1 STEEM to buy myself the privilege of being able to exchange my AFIT tokens for steem upvotes. The minimum amount I could buy on Binance was 7 STEEM so I powered up the remaining 6. A few days ago I soared past 30SP. I am starting to realise the power of compounding SP. Here’s what is working well right now:

I actually earn curation rewards now

Almost every day I’m able to claim curation rewards. This blows my mind somewhat, even though we’re talking fractions of a cent at this stage. Also, I don’t run out of ‘bandwidth’ as quickly, allowing me to vote and comment more. On days when I wanted to post on steem, I’d try to remember to wait until after posting before upvoting or commenting. It’s nice to not have to think about this anymore.


@cflclosers uses this mantra in his dTube posts. I mentioned him and @toofasteddie in my 15SP post as two early helpers. Other steemians that have engaged with me on the platform have helped me in a big way. What a supportive community!


The number of SBI shares I hold has grown this month, thanks to:

  • @jk6276 1 SBI share through his World Cup cricket tipping experiment
  • @dkid14 5 SBI shares by randomly being selected as the winner of his competition
  • @jongolson 1 SBI share simply for commenting on one of his posts. Oh, and that reminds me ... I should follow him and engage with his posts more because he’s very generous handing out SBI shares.

If my understanding of how SBI works is correct, one earns more in rewards from SBI by upvoting posts made from their various accounts (which makes sense because you’re adding to their pool of SP, which is then given back to the SBI holders through upvotes). If that’s the case, then it stands to reason that even if the number of SBI shares I own doesn’t grow, the rewards I earn from their upvotes will grow as my SP grows. This is also kind of mind-blowing. Again, the rewards I’m currently getting are minimal (currently about 2 cents) but it’s cool that they are guaranteed for every post.


@grider123 delegated me 50SP after my 15SP post. Thank you so much. No doubt the delegated 50SP been the most important factor in leading to me actually earning curation rewards.

What’s also interesting is that on my journey to 15SP (‘delegated’ from @partiko), the delegated SP was taken away from me as I earned SP. This made it getting tricky getting started and was why I considered 15SP a milestone. As a newbie I thought this was normal. Apparently it’s not? The 50SP delegated from @grider123 does not seem to work like this.


I’ve said it before, but @actifit is super-cool. The value I get from exchanging 20AFIT tokens twice a week for big upvotes makes a massive difference for me. Also, if I don’t have anything interesting to write about, at least I can be making @actifit posts a few times a week.

So I’m excited to continue on this journey and to hopefully reap more rewards through the compounding effects of the steem network. Thanks for reading.

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Nice post @mrhill,

You're being gifted 50 Hobo tokens! Don't know what they are? Check out this article:


thanks for the shout out. and yeah for sure. anytime you swing by my blog, i’m usually giving away sbi :)

this stuff starts to compound. it’s slow at first but starts to really get rolling.

enjoy the journey :)

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Nice you are well in your way now👍

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I am happy you discover the secret! Keep on the good work!

It's slow going to begin with, I still remember hitting that 15SP target, and feeling surprisingly happy about it. Ill hook you up with some more SBI next week when i buy a little more STEEM.

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Thanks for the shout out =)
I'm happy to see your account growing and earning curation reward!

thanks for the shout out @mrhill . I appreciate that you read my posts. I just shot you another share of SBI . It all adds up. I'm glad you are enjoying your steem journey!

Thank you. You are very kind :-)

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no prob. It's fun giving out sbi !

Great to have found you...

Nice posts and really good attitude.

I'll follow you and see how it goes. Greetings from Mexico.

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Thanks for your support.

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