BE A PLKN TOKEN HODLER-Guideline on How to Buy its Token on Steem Engine Dex (MY ENTRY)

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Hello everyone, how are you doing guys, it’s @florino here again. What’s going guys. Have you heard about the PLKN Token trending on the Steem Engine Dex.

WHAT IS PLANKTON TOKEN: The Plankton Token is a Steem Engine Token created by @mermaidvampire and her little red fish friends in Steemit. The token aims to help newbies in Steemit far and wide. It aims to have a supportive community that will help onboard new Steemians and share best practices to contribute positively to this blockchain. It wants to magnify that even a small fry can do something and be part of a big movement to impact lives through engagement and good content creation. To put it simply, this token wants to change lives and promote the mindset that no matter how small the fry is, it can make great things happen here in Steemit. Read More

The PLKN Token was initiated by @mermaidvampire and @cadawg , who has been working together to support and help the small redfishes and plankton on the blockchain.


The PLKN Token has been available for purchase on the Steem Engine Dex. How to get PLKN token on Steem Engine:-

First of you, Open two tabs in your browsers, i.e

  1. Sign in into Steem-engine using your posting key.

  2. Deposit steem into steem engine using ur active key (1% fee) when u deposit it becomes steemp

  3. Click tokens on the top menu to go into market and choose plankton (PLKN) (2 arrows icon)
    Click on the top order from sell orders, to update the price, put the Quantity, and click Buy PLKN

  4. Use your active key to finish the transaction, then you’re good to go with your PLKN token and become its hodler too.

COME AND JOIN PLANKTON TOKEN LETS GET TOGETHER BRING THE PLANKTON TOKEN TO THE MOON, also the Plankton token are now sharing post profits with its Plankton buyers — Sounds pretty interesting right??,so what are you waiting for and purchase yours now. READ MORE

Also Hodling a minimum of 20 PLKN tokens and be a VIP (Very Important Plankton) and discover more perks!

Twitter: Plankton.token

Steemit Handle: @plankton.token, Catch with future post and enquire more about its token and airdrops.
Discord Channel:

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE INITATORS @mermaidvampire, @cadawg, @taskmaster4450 who supports the plankton token and for their support of the wonderful community to help redfishes/plankton. Also thanks to the Hodlers of the plankton token.


Rules to Follow in the Bounty/ Contest:

First, you can make banners about the Plankton Token and encourage people to buy the token, put your Steemit handle on the banner as well as the PLKN logo. You can add any quote about Plankton. You can use any of the things we have said about it in our posts like, "Hope for Plankton, hope for Steemit!" and any other things you can think about. Not a lot of rules for this one, just be creative and make the banner talk about promoting Plankton Token in Steemit.

Second, you can make a detailed post about HOW TO BUY PLANKTON IN THE STEEM ENGINE DEX. It will be like an infographics guide for any red fish or plankton or a newbie in Steemit how to get hold of Plankton Tokens and get the perks of being a PLKN hodlr.

One person can make one of each, so 1 person can have 2 entries, 1 banner and 1 How To guide. Entries will be boosted 1 Steem by the @plankton.token account (Max cap: 20 posts, so only the first 20), we will choose good bidbots to help us with this for visibility. We will also upvote and resteem all of them.
Read more

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned, more post still coming ✍🏻😉
©2019 Steve Toby
(@florino) All Rights Reserved


Hi, @florino. Thanks for joining the contest. I won't be boosting this post as promised in the contest because you just basically copied my post and Gerber's post. Please avoid plagiarizing content and actually make an effort to make your own material. We are not asking too much about what we consider as "good posts." Personally, I take any post and call it good for as long as they do not have 2 of the things I do not like in a material. 1st, it must not be plagiarized, 2nd it must not be SPAM, tagging a lot of people into your post without clear intent why they need to be tagged is considered spamming. Please do not do this again, this serves as your first warning. We will not tolerate a copy-paste culture and a culture of spamming in the Plankton Token community. Also, we see you duplicating this post with a simple post just saying a few words. Doing these mistakes again will insult all the hardwork me and my friends are doing in the Plankton Token Project.

That being said, I am not including this in the list of entries but you can try and make another one.

Moving forward, we are willing to assist you and answer all your concerns in the Plankton Discord. We look forward to see you improve in your steeming. Thanks for being with us and have a nice day!

I’m so sorry bout that, but I was only trying to give details about everything that’s why. And I also added the links for them to read more about the post but I’m gonna be making another one tho.

Also I also don’t like plagiarism or copying other people contents, but I’m gonna improve post it. Thanks, I really appreciate your comment.

**Plankton to the Moon **🌙

Thanks. No worries. I know you can do better. I'm sure about that. You keep steeming!


Saw your reply, hoping to see your improved post.

Thanks for completing the PARTIKO task, I sent you 0.25 PLKN!

Thanks @cadawg, I really appreciate

Thank you @florino for helping @plankton.token spreading the goodness throughout Steemians.

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Plankton to the moon 😁👌

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yeah, having plankton token is a big benifit

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Yes it is 😃

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