Little Passive Income With Plankton Token

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Plankton token gives me 0.020 Steem daily and it always makes me smile. I wonder if it will ever go up, I better ask @mermaidvampire this question. The Plankton Token is a small project but it gives me that amount passively at this point. If ever they make it big, I wonder if they will share an even bigger amount for everyone to enjoy.

I can imagine being able to buy a burger one day with just my passive earnings from PLKN. That's just a wild dream now but I am hoping all goes well with Steem and it happens and the Plankton community will benefit from small projects like Plankton without having to do so much work.

I love my investments working for me. As early as now I can pretty much tell the money I invested in Plankton Token was not a waste because of the passive income it gives me daily and the vote I get from @plankton.token and @mermaidvampire earns me Steem, PAL, LEO, Neoxag, ZZAN and many other tribe tokens that they stake.

I feel for this project because Plankton Token is a real project with their investors in mind. I'm proud to own PLKN tokens, I think every little small fish in Steemit should, own some, too.

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Congratulations on being a new Steemit Dolphin! Your Plankton Token community is proud to have you!

@plankton.token Thanks alot! !BEER

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Thank you @benedict08. About your question, will the passive income get bigger in time... well, yes, hopefully. Currently we are getting this income from the curation rewards alone of the @plankton.token account, as the account grows there will be more to share, for sure. Our focus right now is to grow the account via daily posting and bidding, a fraction of the token sales goes to powering it up, we are also hoping more people delegate so we can earn more. If we do earn more then there is more to share to everyone helping the project that is for sure. We also hope we can provide real basic income for every Plankton involved with the Plankton Token project, that is the dream. Even just one burger a day, yes! Hahaha! Thank you for posting about Plankton again, we appreciate you!

Teach me 😊

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Hi, please check and follow the @plankton.token account, we have posts to explain the perks of holding PLKN tokens there. Thank you for your interest. Have a nice day!

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