Birds and Bugs Matter

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Beyond the sheer joy they provide, birds play a vital role in the environment, pollinating plants, dispersing seeds, controlling insects, and removing rotting flesh. “The future of birds, and us, are intertwined more than we know. We soar, or plummet, together,” writes photographer Joel Sartore in Birds of the Photo Ark. (National Geographic, January 2018)

That is the crux of the matter. Gargantuan efforts are being made by many noteworthy organizations to save the birds of our planet. Some among them are: Cornell Lab of Ornithology; National Audubon Society; Partners In Flight; American Bird Conservancy; Nature Conservancy; World Wildlife Fund; National Geographic and many others. If this were not such a dire cause, so many people would not be involved.

Why is this such a dire cause? Birds, as well as insects, matter to our own survival. If you subtract birds and bugs, we perish. Bugs are food for many, many birds. Unbelievable numbers of both of these creatures are pollinators. So, without bugs, we'd lose important pollinators and birds would lose important nutrition. If all these pollinators perished, how would our food plants produce the fruit and seeds we depend on? Unless we quickly designed and produced billions or trillions of pollination specialized drones (how likely is that?), we would not have any plant-based food. Without birds and bugs, we die. "We can eat meat!" you say. Uh, what would we feed the animals that people eat so they can grow and be butchered? ALL PLANTS WOULD CEASE TO EXIST!!!

That is why we need our bugs and birds. That is why we need to cherish them and protect them. They are our sustenance!

This is one gigantic reason why cleaning up our planet and re-establishing native habitats is so important. We need to bring balance back to our ecosystems everywhere. We need to survive!!

Protho­notary warbler (Protonotaria citrea)
National Geographic, January 2018

honey bee

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Not many bees here over the past 2 years. We have had some, but I am not hearing the buzzing of bee swarms. Though birds are so crucial to the balance of the planet, with our adopted form of farming birds have become a "nuisance" to so many farmers. Instead of planting a bird, bug and deer crop (land is so expensive and lost land = lost profit) we tend to control the populations. Maybe we should start to consider the way we grow our food instead of running the same race over and over.


Which birds bother you and how do they bother you?


Well I am not sure which ones they are like chickadees get in the garden and gobble up my seed right after I plant em' as well as my strawberries. The crows too, at the end of the season when my garden is full, they come in and eat at the melons, corn, grains and other. I guess a scarecrow will be necessary this year.


I know that crows can be a serious nuisance to farmers. I don't have crows around here. The little birds eat the bird seed I put out for them and they rarely bother anything in my garden. Goldfinches love the seeds that Salvia Scarlet Lady put out at the end of the summer. They also love the sunflower seeds. I know it's costly to buy bird seed. Aside from my vegetables, I like to plant native flowers all over that attract local birds, then they don't care about the veggies. If you like, I"ll research native plants in your region that could help you keep the birds off your veggie seeds.