Establishing a Pecan Nut tree orchard. Part 4 - dealing with drainage issues - finding the source

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Underground drainage can be complicated especially when there are multiple sources of water.

In this case there is an earth irrigation canal. This is the most likely suspect. It had been dry for over a year and we had only just made some major repairs and done a lot of much needed maintenance to get it flowing again.

The irrigation canal is over 12 km long and over a century old.

There are willow trees that are found next to the canal and these produce roots that grow into the watercourse and make very large mats. If these are not cut out every year the severely restrict the flow of water to the point that the canal ceases to flow further down its course.

It was removing these and silt that had washed into the canal over the last three months that allowed the canal to start operating again.

But with its operation the earthen sides were clearly leaking into the ground and artificially increasing the height of the groundwater table.

And this is my attempt at a Dtube video of the natural springs that started appearing every time we dug a hole in the ground.!/v/gavvet/act92rnx

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Hope you got it sorted, :)

It wasn't that it was a great job to make the water channels work again but it's worth it as it helps the crop! I would love to see the video but my internet is too slow for that