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This artwork along with a dragon illustration has been categorized as works of plagiarism by:

Is it plagiarism using old artworks to inspire new artworks? Especially when you add your own unique style and details? I can't agree with this.
Plagiarism is, according to the definition, using the original image of another artist and claiming that it's your own work. These artworks were created from scratch. I had no intention of stealing anyone's work.

Anyway, please let me know what you think.


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Is it plagiarism using old artworks to inspire new artworks?

Did you mention where you sourced the old artworks first before you introduced your version? Because mentioning the idea and reference to the audience first clarifies that the idea is not novel but the technique in rendering the same subject in a new form is.

Plagiarism is, according to the definition, using the original image of another artist and claiming that it's your own work.

The rabbit hole goes further here and here

The biggest mistake you've made is not mentioning your reference image. Unlike other social media platforms, posting here can generate financial rewards which makes the plagiarism more detrimental to the artist you didn't credit from your recent work.


I didn't mention the source, no. I guess I am wrong in that regard and I will admit it. I would've deleted these two posts if it were possible. Thank you for your input.


You can still edit those post that didn't receive payout yet and add the reference image. But don't expect that others would be forgiving about this mistake. I don't like plagiarism but it's easier to forgive someone that admits their fault and willing to do what they could to redeem their name. I suggest reading those links I mentioned and create new art while avoiding previous mistakes. Be more detailed about mentioning your process and maybe some process shots. You have to gain your audience's trust again. Not gonna be easy though but not impossible.


This is all so unfortunate. I had my own ideas of what plagiarism is, but your first comment convinced me that I did it wrong. Thank you.


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First of all,

it is not bad to be inpired by other artists, many artist are inpired by some artworks, artists. One could say, that every artist in cubism area was plagiarizing Picasso who created a new painting style. So Goerges Braque, Robert Delanier, Henri de Fauconnier, Paul Cézanne were all copying the new style but always from a new artistic standpoint and with complete different motives. They are all considered great artists today. There are also famous cases of Artist drawing the same picture with their different styles, like monarchs, royalities in history often were painted by several artist. This was also never considered as Plagiarism.

But never ever has a famous artist copied the style AND the motive of a fellow artist.

to copy the style, + the idea/design motive both at the same time
is quite close to plagiarism/deception, specially if you do not mention the original you derived idea/motive AND design/style from. How about you paint the girl in the dragon style and the dragon in the girls paintstyle ? Do not copy style and motive at the same time ! Amen.


the design competition/contest. If you take participate in a creative contest were the design and the idea is the key, you shouldnt participate with a picture design, highly inspired by another Dragon picture in the first place. NOT to mention the original in this case is not Plagiarism because you painted the picture from scratch. It is worse, it is a try to decept the jury of the contest and our community.

It looks bad and I accept your apology on this. We all make mistakes, and sometimes feedback helps to find a "original" path as an individual artist.

My advice: Instead of cloning motive and style in one picture (not considered very creative) take a girls face from your real life and paint her in whatever style you want. Or take the style from Rene Campell and paint something else than a dragon, your own new creation utilizing the style similar to Rene Campell. It doesnt hurt and will improove your own style and also train your creative brain hemiphere. Be yourself, express yourself stop cloning, be creative, thats what ART is all about.

just do NOT copy motive and style and sell it to us as your own creation.

If I knew about all of this sooner, I wouldn't have posted these artworks in the first place. Anyway, I've read more about it and I apologize for my ignorance.


Wonderful. Is there any more of your works posted here in steem that are heavily based on another artist's works and for which you haven't mentioned the sources?

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