⏿ Night on the Island of Khortitsa

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Hello, my dear Steemians!

I want to share with you today photos of night landscapes made by me during my vacation on the island of Khortitsa!


In the distance we see the lights of the Preobrazhensky bridge and the right bank of the Dnieper River


The rocky coast of the island of Khortytsya and in the distance the lights of one of the districts of Zaporozhye



These shots are taken from ground level, capturing the texture of moonlit sand on a tourist beach


These wonderful places are located nearby the Archaeological School, a video about which I published in a previous article

place: !steemitworldmap 47.832369 lat 35.056293 long d3scr

Camera: Nikon W300

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Stunning shots to look at wow

Thank you!

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beautiful photographs, but I was struggling to find the reggae content, that's what the jahm tag is for.

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