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Hello my friends!

Today is the August 15th and I just returned from a trip to the Archaeological Camp "NASh" immediately wanted to share with you my impression of the time spent. Much will be clear to you from my video, but in addition I will briefly tell you that archaeological students and future historians dig burial sites of ancient Slavic settlements on the island of Khortytsya near the Generalka beam.

Congratulations to all on the international day of the archaeologist!


Among others, there was a guest from the United States of America - Carlton. I hope he received no less pleasant impressions than we did. He took with him to the United States the flag of Ukraine signed by all members of the archaeological expedition and was accepted into our school.

The second video is dedicated to the leader of this circle, who celebrated his birthday among his wards right at the excavation site) Happy Birthday Oleg Valentinovich!
Soon I will mount a video of the celebration itself, do not miss it!


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