Anthony Bourdain's Death, Mother! And Ritual Abuse

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At the time of writing I am in the midst of editing a much longer piece on issues that will be briefly discussed in this article, but felt it was necessary to discuss breaking news regarding the already-suspicious "suicide" of Anthony Bourdain.

It's not just that Bourdain performed a Bhutanese death ritual in the last full episode of Parts Unknown.

The true kick-in-the-gut comes from who he participated in the ritual with.

None other than director Darren Aronofsky.

Why so shocking, you ask?

Because Darren Aronofsky is not only the Director of the film Black Swan, but also of the more recent film, "Mother!" The later movie has extreme ritual abuse imagery, even in the film's poster:


TLDR (Spoilers ahead), although I have not brought myself to watch this film, a plot summary describes a classic ritual abuse scenario involving birth, cannibalism, a cult, and ritual murder all tied up with a nice supernatural blow.

A plot summary of the film reads in part:

"Some time later, Mother is nearing the end of her pregnancy. ...Despite Mother trying to hide from the crowd, the fans start to break things and steal stuff from the house. As she moves to different rooms, people begin to act violently toward one another. Some people are tied up and have bags over their heads.... *It quickly becomes apparent that the fans are part of a pagan cult.*"

"Mother starts to go into labor. Him brings her into his office where she gives birth to a baby boy.... When she wakes up, her baby is gone. Him brings their son to show to the crowd. They start passing the baby around, even as he pees on them. The crowd then breaks the baby's neck. Mother hears it and frantically tries running to the front of the room. When she gets there, she sees her baby has been horribly mutilated, and the fans are eating him....

"....When she asks what he wants, he says he wants her love. She tells Him he can have it. He digs his hands into her chest and pulls out her heart, causing her body to crumble to burnt ash....Him crushes the heart in his hands and pieces fall away revealing a crystal object like the one he had before..."

Classic /traditional ritual abuse themes: Birth, cannibalism of a child just after birth or a foetus just after it has been aborted this was witnessed by RA anon and referenced in earlier posts on their testimony, in which they stated:

""I experienced ritual abuse, or MKULTRA type abuse. I saw the trafficking of children in cages myself. I saw murder. I was given drugs and I experienced near-drowning. I saw others tortured and die. I saw rape, experienced sexual abuse. I was used in child porn. I saw birth, I saw abortion. I saw people cut open, I saw worse."

It is also shown in the art of Kim noble, an artist with over 100 different personalities, whose work will be the focus of a much longer piece.

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In addition to the "traditional" ritual abuse scenario of the cannibalistic consumption of a foetus or newborn, "Mother" has her heart ripped out, again, a traditional form of ritual human sacrifice, especially practiced historically by Aztec and Mayan cultures:

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In addition to all that, we explicitly see the involvement of a "pagan cult," which in addition to everything else finalizes the interpretation of the film as steeped deeply in ritual abuse themes, to put it lightly.

The fact that Anthony Bourdain would film a Death Ritual with the director of such a film boggles the mind.

Others have already discussed the occult connections between Bourdain's girlfriend at the time of his death, Asia Argento, so I do not feel the need to rehash those connections here, suffice to say that Bourdain seems to have surrounded himself, by the time of his death, with some of Hollywood's most overt occult figures.

Also of note is that the death ritual in question was Bhutanese -- this once again shows a figure like Aronofsky who has demonstrated very traditional ritual abuse themes in his work is also particularly interested in the traditions of cultures which are not only primitive and at their core shamanic, but that exist totally outside the Judeo-Christian Abrahamic spectrum, meaning Bhutanese rituals are hardly the inverted form of Christianity that many would associate with Satanism, nor is it based on the Kabbala or Masonry.

Yet Aronofsky, through his interest in a Bhutanese death ritual, and through Bourdain's bizarre and sad death shortly after it was erformed, demonstrates for us again that ritual abuse is based in a primitive method of Shamanism, not on a certain set of religious tenants or visual imagery.

Changing tracks for a moment, I'd like to add that most of us are probably aware of Bourdain's relationship with Asia Argento, her history of occult symbolism, her friendships with John Coleman and others - it is worth reminding that her father was Italian film Director Dario Argento.

In addition to heavy occult themes in his films, Argento alludes to MKULTRA in his work, "Phenomena," known as "Creepers," in the US.

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One of Dario's most well-known films was "Suspiria," about a ballet school that turns out to be a coven. That it was a ballet school is of interest due to - as I've previously discussed - ritual abuse's necessary focus on the body itself. Dance is central to the types of somatic altered states of consciousness used in ritual abuse.

It becomes even more intriguing, then, when we return to the days just prior to Bourdain's death: On June 4th, the official trailer for the 2018 remake of Dario's Suspiria was published:

Just four days later, Bourdain was dead.

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So what are the odds of that? Seriously. Am sure he was worth more alive making shows for CNN than dead boosting ticket sales to one remake.... but I keep thinking that maybe this was planned in some way, especially in light of the "death ritual" that is now being publicized all OVER mainstream media and they know full well what the public will make of that.

If it was going to give something actually damaging away, if tptb had wanted to hide this ritual, they could have cut it in the editing room (I guess?) or never would have filmed it in the first place. Even if that was impossible they definitely has MSM on a leash so it would be easy to not see more than a couple indie outlets covering it.

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So -- is it possible that this death was made to look overtly occult to distract from/hide some other connection that played a role? Are we being directed to assume this is occult? Are they normalizing us to their cult behavior? Or are TPTB just recklessly arrogant because they've gotten away with these "suicides" for so long?

It feels like this new information raises a million new questions and provides us no answers.


No way Anthony committed suicide, check out his tweet one month before.. talking about being on Hillary's bad side.

Mother has nothing whatsoever to do with ritual abuse you fucking retard.