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RE: Is There A #PedoGate Connection to the 2017 Las Vegas Mass Shooting?

in #pizzagate5 years ago

Wow, just fantastic levels of research here. I hope you don;t mind if I livestream and or use this for a documentary I am compiling on the Vegas situation? Really good research thanks so much. I am adding this to my ongoing open source investigation into these events. =>


please go for it Titus, I'm a big fan. I am updating the article now, there is ANOTHER coincidence which is a very similar attack which took place in a casino in the Philippines 4 months ago - in Manila, the same island as Paradise Ranch.

adding this link to the Day 3 OSINT thread, both yours and @kingzos

The "friend" with Stephen in the photo in the article is actually is brother, Eric. Here is an article with same photo shot by AP photographer which lists this person as Eric:

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