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Video update on the PizzaGate scandal, more evidence that has been brought to light, some questions that have come up and more.

PizzaGate - The Update - Watch Below:

This is a quick update video I am throwing up here on the PizzaGate scandal. Please enjoy the video and find below more links for to take this investigation to the next level by yourself.


Please Join #OpPizza to help with the investigation. Just go to IRC and Join #OpPizza,

Open Source Investigation:

My Steemit Blog Investigation:

Other Open Investigations taking Place:

Music in the Intro / Outro: YtCracker "Hacker Music":

Peace Everyone!

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Very good video @titusfrost. I'm with you on looking at the facts. All of this stuff is very disturbing, and we will continue to shed light on this. They can't censor the information here. Thank you for sharing.

We started PizzaGate-Trail to attract others from social media outlets that have been censored, and give a place for discussion. Right now, we are organizing to get out to those outlets and bring in those displaced by censorship. You can join us there and place your posts for curation there as well. We will have a website up shortly to assist in bringing new information to light.

Awesome, thanks for commenting, will check it out!

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I am crazy busy right now with you know what coming right on time, that I have nothing to say except that I am posting and upvoting every single post in this category I can until it gets "accidentally erased"

thank you Titus. we will prevail.

Thanks Titus. I found it informative as always.

NY Time article about Obama's new house and how it is right down from Podesta's and how Podesta throws "Pizza Parties" for the neighborhood kids. Of course this was written before PizzaGate broke. NY Times is involved in the cover up and involved prior with this whole thing, covering for themselves.

Hey, been following you on screwtube and just started up here. Do you know anything about christopher greene? He seems pretty legit. I think his channel is amtv and he is trying to establish a new alternate video platform

I came across him a long time ago, I do not agree with him on many things. I don;t know about his legitimacy, you probably know more than me, I haven't watched a video of his in like 3 years likely.

Great post, and thank you for the links.

Good update and thanks upvoted back.

amigo gostei muito de sua postagem,só queria descobrir como colocar os videos na publicação.