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#PizzaGate / #PedoGate - The UnAnswered Questions Documentary - Part 3

This is Part 3 of my PizzaGate / PedoGate The UnAnswered Questions Documentary. In this part we will be addressing the below information:

PizzaGate and how it is really PedoGate, Monica Peterson, Haiti, DynCorp, London PedopHile Rings, Conspiracy of Silence, creation of the CIA, OSS, NRO, NROL-39, Vatican Argentina’s Dirty War, The Vatican Orlandi Code, Skull & Bones, Adam Weishaupt, Russel Trust, Illuminati, United Nations, Operation paperclip, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, God’s Bankers, Federal Reeserve, Jeffrey Epstein, James Alefantis, Dr. Pongs, Nalu Diner, File Compression techniques, global pedophilia scandals, pedophilia cover ups, the finder’s cult, the conspiracy of silence, Hampstead, OpDeathEaters UK & US, London pedophilia, Zionists, Jesuits, Spirituality, and much much more...

Enjoy Part 3 of the #PizzaGate / #PedoGate UnAnswered Questions Documentary:

Video is Also Available on Vid.Me: https://vid.me/kboh

Video is Also on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/uz4GT8F3Jso/

Link for Further Research:

Monica Peterson and her uncovering of Possible Clinton Foundation Child Trafficking in Haiti:

*Monica Peterson PizzaGate Wiki http://pizzagate.wiki/Monica_Petersen

*Snopes ridiculous attempt at a debunking of this: http://www.snopes.com/monica-petersen-killed/

The Curious Disappearance of Ben Swann after his PizzaGate Reality Check:

Alex Jones & David Seaman Exposed:

  • Alex Jones Ridiculous Sharif Silmi Interview: Video Link

  • Alex Jones 100% Exposed by me: Video Link

  • David Seaman getting pwnd for 5 ½ hours: Video Link

DynCorp and #PizzaGate:

Brian Podesta You Related? & Podesta Elementary:

Trump CIA / DynCorp / Steve Feinberg Connections:

Tell Me about the "Pope" Bergoglio and PizzaGate:

Dr. Pong's Investigation on Voat

NRO, NASA, Skull & Bones.

Random Links:

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Titus Frost! This is some seriously exhaustive research.
Be proud, this is a real achievement.
Thanks for all your time and effort!

This is gonna be a binge session of epic proportions...

Up voted 100% / Resteemed!


Does this video summarise the information contained in the first two videos and then expand on them or do I need to watch the other two videos as well to get the full picture?

You gotta watch them all, I just go right into it. No summaries. This was originally supposed to be a single film.

OK will do. Thanks for all your efforts trying to spread the word about this topic.

Great compilation of links and research in addition to the video! Helpful stuff!

Feel free to drop any links you want to add to the research!

I could go on forever, but here's some more info on topics you brought up in this particular post:

Awesome tx!

"Why did you Expose David Seaman?"

Here is your answer: I will explain it as clearly as possible.

I was fine with David Seaman making money. I don't care if he makes a million dollars or ten cents, not my business. Why was he exposed?

One of the other YouTubers who partook in the NWA hangout said it best: "My main thing is the fake drama to scare people from looking into pizzagate and scare people into talking about him. People are genuinely concerned for him and he's laughing it up".

He took down his own videos when we were merely analyzing the things he said. Now he is claiming "victim" status once again which dissuades the average person from looking into these things and doing their own research for fear of repercussions against them self. I have always tried to tell people to verify what I say and to join the research community. I never fake anything I put out to make myself a part of the story as David has. David has lied so many times about information regarding PizzaGate to get more views it is unbelievable; "arrests imminent" and other click bait bullshit he has done with 0 proof. Then the next day he tries to tie some completely unrelated arrest to PizzaGate to say he is right.

Lastly and very importantly the connections between the Zionist pedosadists and this ring are 100% clear via Steve Feinberg of DynCorp who I exposed 100% in Part 3 of my documentary and his ties to Trump. I also expose the Zionist connections to rampant systemic pedophilia, something Seaman won;t address because he is a Zionist (Nothing to do with Judaism btw, I am 100% not anti-semite). You see Seaman keeps saying oh just wait any day Trump will make arrests. Just leading people on to think the Government is going to do anything about this when they are clearly not. They have not even investigated this scandal as far as I know. Grand Jury's are done in secret, so if one is going on I would have no idea nor would Seaman. So to keep telling people to believe blindly that something will be done when nothing is being done, is misleading and keeping justice from being sought for the children. I want actual justice, I want an actual investigation, and I feel like Seaman is hurting that cause. That is why he got exposed by me.

Here's Italy public funds goes to brothels, 'the rainbow age diversity integration heralds' are exposed. Explict from time 2:00. Founding barred after video exposure. Tip of iceberg, warning only effect, damage control.

Aside opinion
For number one always get his vices, his number two, so he can stay where he is alone.
Number three moves up to two.

I am still suspendef from Twitter for asking about Brian Podesta