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#PizzaGate is #PedoGate - Is Brian Podesta Related to John Podesta? Odd Police Badges No?

In this short update video I let everyone know the one question that you are not allowed to ask on twitter. For if you do, you shall be suspended. My twitter account has been suspended for a second time now, this time for 12 hours. As of this morning, I have tempted fate for a third time and dared do what twitter will not allow and tweeted about Brian Podesta again lulz.

Sorry twitter but I will not be silenced for asking a question. If you have to ban me completely then so be it. The truth is more important than twitter and the NCMEC and this Brian Podesta should be investigated. I also cover the strange FBI recognized pedo symbols found in many Police Badges, that has been documented by @AusbitBank, see linked article below.

Also some very good research was done into all of this. To find the connections between this Brian Podesta and John Podesta if there are any. See this Article:

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Enjoy the YouTube Video!

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Let's try to make #BrianPodesta and #JohnPodesta trend for teh lulz on twitter. If they are going to suspend everyone who does this, then let's make it a point to prove to twitter they can't shut down free speech. Time to unleash fury and force their hand. I say everyone should tweet this question:

#PizzaGate is #PedoGate

As I documented in all three parts of my PizzaGate Documentary this is a systemic global problem with institutionalized pedosadism. Instead of saying "PizzaGate is real" which means absolutely nothing, let's either chant one of two things which have a meaning and are a call for action...

"Pizzagate is PedoGate Investigate" would be an ideal chant, because that will not only call for the action we want an Official Investigation, but also will make people aware of the larger global network this ties into.

"PizzaGate Investigate" similar to the last chant but shorter and still is a meaningful call to action.

Don't let government agents and cointelpro bs artists lead the marches into oblivion with useless chants like "We are the 99%", or "PizzaGate is real" both of those don't actually mean anything, you are just stating the obvious and neither are a call for any action. Chant and use meaningful terms to ensure the message can't be twisted.

I wrote a steemit article about this before making this video:

Also I take a look at some very odd Police badges that coincidentally have FBI known pedo symbols on them.

Article on this by @AusBitBank:

Great Article by @Kafkanarchy84 on Brian Podesta question being banned:

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Music & Video "Good Cops" by Rob Hustle: Link

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