New James Alefantis #PizzaGate Instagram Images - #PedoGate James is Touring Europe (Fled the USA?)

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Here are James Alefantis's Instagram Images Drop - STEEMIT Exclusive


Possible Interpretation of Above Photo: "Ping Pong":

ping pong.jpg

Just goes to further prove the images Alefantis posts for "Comet Ping Pong" are sexual in nature.

Yeah, seems James Alefantis has left the United States and is touring around Europe. Oddly this happened right after the NXIVM thing broke and Allison mack started being tried in NYC. Interesting the NYPD did receive a report about Mr. Alefantis's child porn collection on his websites. I am going to cover the ties to NYC that seem to being going on, even Weinstein is set to turn himself into NY Police.


With that having been said, these are all his new Instagram images. Some of them are screenshots of his Instagram stories, which are videos he puts up. Most of his activity now is these "stories" that last for 24 hours mostly. So we took some screenshots of those.

I could point out stuff about almost every photo, but I'll do the rest of my interpretation of these in videos and other posts. This is just to document the images, and the FACT that Alefantis left the United States.

However take close look at the commenters, I spy Izette Folger again commenting for one below. Think Art, Think FAPE.

Without further ado, the latest images....


Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


Image 5


Image 6


Image 7


Image 8


Image 9


Image 10


Image 11


Image 12


Image 13


Image 14


Image 15


Image 16


Image 17


Image 18


Image 19


Image 20


Image 21


Image 22


Image 23


Image 24


Image 25


Image 26


Image 27


Image 28


Image 29


Image 30: Movement Updated 5/25/18 Alefantis now in the UK...


Take notice how so many of these are "stories" because he knows we are taking his images and analyzing them. So he is doing stories that only last 24 hours because last time I did not publish those. So he knows we are watching him closely, and we are.

Huge thanks to the Anon for this undercover work. You know who you are and we are all grateful.

Don't forget to follow me @TitusFrost for more of my work coming in the near future...

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what has he written on photo 3 ? Achilles ..Achilles Trojan war hero ..The greatest warrior of Homers Iliad..He slayed Trojan hero Hector outside the gates of Troy..evrybody thought he was unbeatable ...a god like figure...but he wasn´t a god..near the end of the Trojan War he was killed by Paris, who shot him in on this small spot in the heel with an arrow ..maybe he feels like Achilles ...but then he already know that there is no Happy End :) LOL

I think Achilles may be his middle name

he has property under the name achilles, if im not mistaken. being a pedo IS an achilles heel. if he enjoys blackmailing pedos, for the cia, it would be a play on his name, penchant for little children. "alefantis" "i love children"

yeahhh very interesting thought...and he may be being blackmailed aswell.

India Oxenberg is not a victim. Her mother, Catherine, went on a fake interview with Megyn Kelly much like James Alefantis did to 'debunk' her involvement and make her out to be a victim. She is related to Prince Andrew. The prosecution of the Smallville actress is to take focus off of her. Put the spotlight back on her.

even on the run, they are still arrogant enough to post incriminating stuff like this..

This sicko makes my skin crawl. Chemical castration isn't enough for him. I really think he likes to hurt children.

Those are ALL men in the first picture. I do not see any breasts on the ping pong balls. This sick fuck needs to be neutered.

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