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RE: New James Alefantis #PizzaGate Instagram Images - #PedoGate James is Touring Europe (Fled the USA?)

in #pizzagate4 years ago

what has he written on photo 3 ? Achilles ..Achilles Trojan war hero ..The greatest warrior of Homers Iliad..He slayed Trojan hero Hector outside the gates of Troy..evrybody thought he was unbeatable ...a god like figure...but he wasn´t a god..near the end of the Trojan War he was killed by Paris, who shot him in on this small spot in the heel with an arrow ..maybe he feels like Achilles ...but then he already know that there is no Happy End :) LOL


I think Achilles may be his middle name

he has property under the name achilles, if im not mistaken. being a pedo IS an achilles heel. if he enjoys blackmailing pedos, for the cia, it would be a play on his name, penchant for little children. "alefantis" "i love children"

yeahhh very interesting thought...and he may be being blackmailed aswell.

India Oxenberg is not a victim. Her mother, Catherine, went on a fake interview with Megyn Kelly much like James Alefantis did to 'debunk' her involvement and make her out to be a victim. She is related to Prince Andrew. The prosecution of the Smallville actress is to take focus off of her. Put the spotlight back on her.

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