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RE: Remember Caris James From #Pizzagate?

I was under the assumption #CarisJames refers to CARIS: A date rape drug.. carisoprodol (also a drug THAT BLOCKS PAIN) Which is used to sedate children. How did yu come to the cnclusion CariJames is CARribean ISland little st. JAMES= CARIS JAMES and is the chil in the photo. I've seen her more than once. Is she related to Alefantis? Why is she missing? Any idea where she is/?


Sorrry Im just seeing this, I don't know my way around steemit well. From my understanding CarisJames could stand for Carisprodol for the drug used to sedate the children which I originally thought but more likely is code for CARibbean ISland little st JAMES = CARISJAMES For Epstiens Orgy Island. Possible reference to Congenital Anomaly Register and Information Service (CARIS) 2hich Madeline McCann had ad went missing in Portugal in 2007 and was said to have been sold into sex slavery by John and Tony Podesta as well as Anthony Weiner having a link as they appear in uncanny police sketches of those seen last with the young girl. The young girl on Alefantis's IG is unknown but I heard she is oe of the trafficked girls. I have many Pizzagate vids on my youtube channel if you care to visit

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