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RE: The CIA's documented sexual abuse of children for over 30 years

in #pizzagate7 years ago (edited)

The CIA is infested with satanic pedophiles that traffic, rape, and murder children- they also happen to run the global drug trafficking and are completely responsible for the spike in heroin ODs in the US- Trump literally needs to send 500 US Marshals into Langley and take it back for the American people and reveal the truth about this satanic pedophile 'intel' agency. Note the majority of CIA employees aren't satanic pedophiles but a dangerously large number are. Time for them to be exposed and no longer allowed to hide behind their compartmentalized cells.


All these intelligence agencies are becoming completely unnecessary and unaccountable, not to mention the irresponsible use of public funds.

I for one would not shed a tear if the CIA were disbanded tomorrow.

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