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Actual CIA recruitment poster

Some believe it impossible for the United States government to participate in and cover up the sexual abuse of children, however it has been a proven pattern of abuse carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency for decades. The following is a compilation of several cases in which the CIA directly sexually, ritually, and physically tortured children using taxpayer money.

For even more information on the CIA's involvement on criminal activity, see the Pizzagate Wiki's page on the CIA.

Top image is an actual CIA recruitment poster found on Veterans Today.

1987: The Finders

In an earlier article I discussed the many connections between the CIA and a mysterious "cult" known as the Finders, including that they had been directly contracted on a number of occasions.

In 1987 six children were found with two well-dressed male Finders and two of the children were found to be sexually abused, in addition to them all being covered in insect bites, filthy, and poorly fed.

Despite the clear evidence of criminal activity, the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department would drop all criminal charges against the Finders and declare their actions "eccentric -- not illegal".

In 1998 the leader of the Finders, ex-Army Sergeant Marion D. Pettie, would explain the event as:

Then they were just taking them on a camping trip to Florida. There were four intellectuals with them and they just happen to drive into a park and somebody was suspicious because the two men were well dressed.

They had four people with them on the trip and they were all well educated, well-balanced people. So I don't think any funny stuff was going on.

1990s: Bosnia and eastern Europe

An article was recently uncovered by an alleged ex-CIA consultant, Dr. Sue Arrigo. According to Dr. Arrigo, the CIA has sponsored sex trafficking around the world for decades. She outlines particularly how the CIA terrorized eastern Europe in the 1990s, particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the sex trafficking of children.

The following excerpts are taken from Dr. Arrigo's account. While I would have simply paraphrased this in lieu of copying several portions, the account itself needs to be read to be believed. It should also be noted that this is the time period in which DynCorp was also buying and selling children for sex in Bosnia:

I had an assignment in Bosnia shortly before MacKenzie got there. The fighting in that region came later. I was assigned to set up an orphanage for the CIA.

My job was just to arrange to buy the land for the building of this big new “Catholic School” for children. The problem was that there were no schoolrooms in the plan, just endless dormitories.

It looked more like a concentration camp for kids.

Those kids were not going to parents and to safety; they were going to sexual humiliation, torment, and eventually their deaths.

The CIA built its concentration camp for orphans, complete with barbed wire and control towers with armed guards carrying machine guns. An investigator could check this.

All that happened before a single shot was fired to start that war in Bosnia.

It was already planned back at the CIA. The CIA had already bought the land to house the children that they planned to sell into sexual slavery.

Remember that each child that gets sold into sexual slavery makes about $700 for the bosses if sold at auction, about $300,000 over its 2-year lifespan if the boss houses it in a brothel in the US, and millions of dollar if it can be raised in the US and turned into a “presidential model” or a “puppet government model” -- if it is male. And all the training, transport, etc. is paid for by the US taxpayer to torture these children into compliance.

Oh, yes, and don’t forget the $100,000 for the babies in the $100,000 a month ritual sacrifice category.

Source: Testimony of Dr. Sue Arrigo (

2000s: Sexual abuse of underage detainees of the War on Terror

A WikiLeaks diplomatic cable from 2006 reveals that the CIA and other members of the US-Iraq security forces sexually abused around 37 juveniles at their "Site 4" detention facility in Baghdad.

On May 30, a third joint U.S.-Iraqi inspection of the "Site 4" INP detention complex, located in central Baghdad, discovered more than 1,400 detainees in two separate facilities...

Forty-one detainees interviewed had bruising and lash-marks consistent with violent physical abuse.

Thirty-seven juveniles were illegally held at the facility, many alleging sexual abuse.

A number of juvenile detainees, mostly young teenagers, alleged sexual abuse at the hands of MOI personnel -- specifically, that MOI interrogators had used threats and acts of anal rape to induce confessions and had forced juveniles to fellate them during interrogations.

These allegations were also raised independently with inspectors by adult detainees who claimed knowledge of juvenile rapes.

During this time in the War on Terror, the United States was known to employ cruel and unusual methods of torture on detainees in such sites. Among the most grisly were the acts of "rectal rehydration" and "rectal feeding". While the CIA director at the time, Gen. Michael Hayden, alleged they were absolutely necessary medical procedures:

Doctors and psychiatrists, however, said they have zero medical application and are nothing more than full-bore torture methods that no medical professional should ever be a party to. More than that, they are well-documented forms of painful, humiliating torture that have been used since the Middle Ages and the Inquisition, doctors said.

Source: International Business Times


The CIA is infested with satanic pedophiles that traffic, rape, and murder children- they also happen to run the global drug trafficking and are completely responsible for the spike in heroin ODs in the US- Trump literally needs to send 500 US Marshals into Langley and take it back for the American people and reveal the truth about this satanic pedophile 'intel' agency. Note the majority of CIA employees aren't satanic pedophiles but a dangerously large number are. Time for them to be exposed and no longer allowed to hide behind their compartmentalized cells.

All these intelligence agencies are becoming completely unnecessary and unaccountable, not to mention the irresponsible use of public funds.

I for one would not shed a tear if the CIA were disbanded tomorrow.

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