IDENTITY OF ELSAGATE COUPLE - Elite Polish and Czech Banks

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I Have Discovered the Identity of two of the actors on the SuperHero Fun Fun page. I learned about this programming curated for children from InvestigatingYoutube. They are doing great work on this, please sub to them! I was given some terms to search for from Truth Hurts and also some advice to search for clues in these videos like names, location, tags and pictures... well thats exactly what I did and this is what I found!

I connected her social media pictures of her living room to the “Elsa vs Doctor” video

Dominika/Domca has many Aliases

Dominika Šťovíčková works at the oldest and most prominent investment bank out of Poland, the one she works at is in Prague, Czech Republic

Dom Maklerski

M Bank

Bank Ochrony Srodowiska AKA BOSSA

Dominika also has a company under her name and it's out of a house in the middle of rural Bast, Czech Republic. (on Chrome, right click on page and select Translate Page)

Business Trade Registered under Dominika Stovickova

Business Info and Address

Google Maps

Erik Meldik, her boyfriend, is also a YouTube Star

CEO and Creative Director of ViralBrothers

Beginning of Success

$$$ BIG MONEY $$$

More Super Hero Channels promoted by Erik

Their Son… Anakin

Article About Naming Anakin


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Bossa Bank on Google Maps
Václavské náměstí 17, 110 00 Praha 1

Fancy adress! In the very heart of Prague, Next to Post Office at Metro Mustek
Looks like an Old creepy house is own by the Bank

Google Map:

-'info via Google "Dont Be Evil"
Looks like "the house" or Whatever to call the camp style area 15 min. at highway north to Teplice is a very strange area, lot of criminals but never seen anything as this. Like a terror psyop propaganda Target to kids. This should be seen as Terrorism, for real, psychologalical terrorism at Children.

Trauma based Mind Control created Out of nothing by Satanic Bank

Wow Arbe, this has a treasure trove of leads

YUUUUUUUUGE!!! Great job! These people are scum. Unplug your tvs and phones/tablets/computers!! It's all coming for our children!!

You have a real talent for this. Awesome Dig!


I really mean that...I'm not sure how many hours you spent sifting through those garbage videos to find that delivery label on the Pepsi packaging, and then cross-referrencing the painting with her FB profile pics...that was some truly stellar sleuthing!! wow

Thank you, it needs to be done, these people are monsters.

Thank you for bringing this out in the open here on Steemit. It makes me physically ill to watch these videos, knowing sinister people are behind this child abuse. God bless you!

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ch @globocop

Thanks for reading. 😎

ch @globocop

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Thank you ♡

Thank YOU! Really! Amazing job. Well organized presentation, given the amount of material covered. Chapeau! 🎩


#upvoteforupvote great discovery

Thanks for checking it out ♡

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wow...great job @thehoneybee....