An Invitation For An Open Discussion Relating To Secret Societies And Pizzagate

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This is not going to be a long post. As stated in the title, it is more an invitation for others to join me in conversation in the comments section and share our thoughts.

The current pizzagate revelations--and everything I have uncovered during my research into the matter--has forced me to reevaluate my understanding of the world. Though I have long since known that paedophilia exists, and in spite of my knowledge that those in powers have often been involved in it, the grand scale of things hadn't really hit me until recently. 

It would appear that the majority of Western governments are knee deep in this shit. This has led me to question how so many people could be lacking in morality to such an extent. I have heard it theorized that paedophiles in power could be being blackmailed into serving the will of the true elites of this world, but that still leaves the question; why are so many of them paedophiles in the first place, allowing them to be susceptible to blackmail?

It certainly does seem to be part of the culture of the ruling class, but I find it hard to believe that even they would be conditioning their own children to be child abusers (and murderers and sacrificers if the stories are true). This led me to consider other options as to how they could all be infected with this evil, and that is where I began to consider the role of secret societies in this.

Now before I continue, I know that there are those out there who are confident that they know everything that goes on in secret societies, but I'm going to be bold here and say with confidence that those people are idiots. Unless you are a part of a secret society--and often not even then--  you cannot be 100% sure of anything. These organistions have been around for thousands of years, and they are exceptionally good--too good--at keeping their inner-workings hidden from the public eye. They are also masters of deception, purposely circulating misinformation about what they get up to to throw people off of their trail. 

It's alleged that in the Skull and Bones secret society, of which many US presidents were a part of, one must lie in a coffin and masturbate while confessing his sexual secrets during his initiation. I cannot tell you whether this is fact, or more misinformation. If we take it as truth however, then we must admit that this is extremely strange and at least a little disturbing. If someone could be forced into doing something so fucked up during the initiation ceremony, then one would have to wonder what else they could be forced to do further down the line as they graduate to higher levels of the society. 

This is where my theory comes into play. Well, it's not even a theory. More of thought experiment. 

What if the true purpose of some of these secret societies is to indoctrinate would-be and will-be rulers into a grossly perverse lifestyle of paedophilia and ritual sacrifice? 

For decades--at least--many have thought that the secret societies were at the top of the pyramid, choosing rulers and deciding just about everything that takes place on a global scale. But... What if that is untrue. What if the secret societies are in fact--knowingly or not--subservient to a higher ruling class that dwell in the shadows. 

This hypothetical, invisible ruling class, could have created these secret societies so that they could use psychological tricks and peer pressure to manipulate new members into becoming paedophiles. Then the invisible ruling class would be able to control the visible ruling class through blackmail, forcing them to carry out their will without question.

This is just a thought, but it would explain why politicians seem to have no trouble selling out the people that they're supposed to be helping. There is just too many of them that are corrupt, and it is difficult to believe that so many people would be willing to fuck their own people over for money, so perhaps it is something more.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about this. Does this sound plausible? If not, why do you think so many high-level politicians and businessmen seem to be involved in such sick activities, that anyone who possessed a conscience would not even consider?

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Excellent read @sons-of-satire. I agree, we have no idea what these secret societies do. However, we are getting a disturbing glimpse of how they work and the evil they partake in. Thank you for sharing.

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Your premise seems all too reasonable.

All sexual perversions are welcome though. That is where they likely reel people in. Stsrting with "normal" perversions and gradually move them up.
I heard they like to recruit at sex bars and such but personally havent verified this. It makes enough sense to sniff into a bit though.

Well, forgive my troubled mind but, I had a chat with my brother about this earlier, and there could be ways that they could influence people into it using covert methods of peer pressure.

Say for instance the masturbating in the coffin while confessing sexual secrets is real. What if the first three people in those coffins were all masquerading as new initiates, but were in fact long standing members..

They could then--all three of them--confess to being attracted to children while in the coffin. The fourth man who enters the coffin would no doubt be thinking 'WTF', but at the same time he is trying to get initiated and so far every single person has said that. What now does he say? Regardless of whether he has an attraction to children or not, he may decide to say it just to fit in. We know this to be instinctive for most humans.

People will go out of their way to say things they don't mean and do things they don't like in an effort to be accepted by their peers.

This is just a thought I had about how the first step could be taken, using peer pressure in a way that the subject is oblivious to the fact that he is being manipulated.

I see it more as a kind of thing where they gradually step you up to worse and worse perversions once you have proven yourself in many other nonsexual tasks. The nonsexual tasks identify those who are very highly motivated to be oart of the club. Those who invest the most time trying to achieve success in their peer group are the ones most likely to "pass" the sexual "rites"...

With all due respect -- you mean the word, "conscience," not "conscious," in your question, although I do believe one does indeed need to be conscious in order to have a conscience. My apologies for the correction, it is a common typographical error, but there is a difference in being conscious (awake, alert, aware) versus having a conscience ("with knowing" as in knowing right from wrong).

As to your question-- I do not have first-hand knowledge about secret societies, but many years ago I read a book about the occult and the forces of black magic as manifested by Adolph Hitler. The book is entitled "The Spear of Destiny" by Trevor Ravenscroft and it explains, among many, many, many, other things, the battle between holy and evil forces, angels and devils, white and black magic.

I read this book nearly 40 years ago, and it made both intellectual and intuitive sense to me then, and it most certainly does now. So in answering your question, I cannot help but to think of that book in formulating my answer:

I think so many high-level politicians and businessmen engage in these heinous and demonic acts because those acts are "short cuts" to power. Sure, at the lower levels, initiates may merely be blackmailed by their own lustful temptations, but at the higher levels of satanic practices, I am certain they are done in very specific and blasphemous ways--perverse ceremonies of that which is holy and true. In turn, they receive some kind of super-human power, maybe even literally drawing the "life blood" or the "soul energy" of their victims into themselves. And surely, virtually all religions that I am aware of teach about the spiritual nature, if not the God-given power, of sex.

It is my understanding then, that these "short cuts" to soul illumination through the black arts are the opposite and perverse directions of what was taught to the True Initiates of the Holy Grail, which was a much longer, self-denying path of penitence, atonement, humility, and service to God and humanity, which could take a lifetime, if not several, to attain. The highest attainment -or the Holy Grail- being sought after was a Christ Consciousness, an eternal soul illuminated by the Holy Spirit, and sanctified by God.

Simply put: I think the goal of these satanic bloodthirsty pedo power-seekers is NOT to be illuminated by the Holy Spirit in preparation for the afterlife, but to illuminated by the Prince of Darkness in the the pursuit of power, wealth, prestige and fulfillment of their carnal desires, in this temporal life.

But these things have been written about in ancient and sacred texts; they are not new. And alas, in many ways, Pizzagate and its current actors are merely old characters in a tragic old story. Perhaps our only Saving Grace is to Believe it's not fiction.

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12

Thank you very much for bringing that to my attention. I do know how to spell, but typos are still rather frequent for me. My problem is that my fingers tend to be a lot quicker than my mind at times.. I don't like to have mistakes in my work though, so my gratitude goes out to you for allowing me the opportunity to amend it before the post became permanent.

That was a very interesting message. Am I correct in saying that the spear of destiny is said to be the spear which was used to wound Jesus when he was on the cross? I think I have heard a long time ago that it is regarded as mystical artifact which grants power to he who possesses it. I think Julius Caesar may have been one of its owners and was murdered when it was no longer in his possession? My memory is hazy so you will have to verify that for me.

When it comes to religion, I don't ascribe to any particular doctrine. I would consider myself a monotheist if anything, as it's difficult to look at the perfection of nature and believe that it was the result of an accident. I do feel--more and more lately--that there is most certainly a force of evil in this world, but I don't think of it as a person in an organic form. Obviously I have no way of knowing, but I just get the impression that it is more of a dark energy than a living, walking being. This seems to fit with the beginning of the bible verse that you shared;
"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood."

I also believe that there are those who worship this darkness, and this could be represented in the likes of Satanic cults and blood sacrifices. Not to go off topic, but I have studied a little history on the Jewish faith, and how they have been ejected from over 100 countries, often because they frequently sacrificed children. If you have a look at the Jewish population now, you will see that they're in MANY positions of power, all around the world, perhaps suggesting that there is some truth to your statement on the drawing of power from these acts.
I am not sold entirely, however. Though I have an open mind, and am not ruling out the possibility of legitimate magic.. I cannot say with any level of certainty that it is the case.

I know these types of rituals are going on, often with children being sacrificed. But, what I can't decide on.. Is whether these people have been tricked into believing the devil is real which leads them to commit these monstrous crimes, or whether they are genuinely extracting supernatural power from their despicable deeds.

Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever get to find out for sure, which is unfortunate, because I'm a very curious person.

Over the past year or so, I have found myself interested in reading the bible. The thing is, the knowledge that it has been perverted throughout time, with many changes being made- -even to the ten commandments--discourages me from bothering. I won't know what is original, and what is fabricated propaganda.

Yes, the spear's legend is that a Roman centurion named Longinus was ordered to pierce Christ's body as He hung on the cross. Longinus had been ordered to do so to dispel the crowd who waited and watched for Christ to come to life again, as had been prophesied. If I recall correctly, Longinus had been relegated to "crowd duty" at the site of the crucifixion because he had cataracts and was thus not an especially apt Roman soldier, at least as far as Roman soldiers went.

As I recall the tale, the crowd had hung around for several days and the Roman officials wanted the people to go away, so they figured if they ordered a soldier to pierce Christ's presumably-dead body, the crowd would see that the rabble-rouser named Jesus was indeed dead and go home --for blood and water will not flow forth from a long-dead body. (<<<I don't know if this is scientifically true or not, I am simply restating the legend as I learned it.)

Anyway, when Longinus followed the orders, he pierced Christ's rib cage with his spear, and blood and water flowed forth from the body, proving to the crowd the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus' immortality. Longinus was immediately remorseful, pulled the spear out of Christ's body, and fell to his knees in tears, whereupon his cataracts were miraculously healed and he was simultaneously converted as a Follower of Christ.

The legend, then, as I learned it, is that whomsoever has possession of Longinus' spear holds the destiny of the world in his hands, for good or for evil.

As told in The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft, Adolph Hitler became obsessed with possessing the spear in a visit to a museum in Vienna while still an unknown shiftless young man. Hitler also believed himself to be the reincarnation of Medieval ruler named Barbarossa, about whom I remember little, except to wonder whether in some way the word, "barbaric" might be derived from his name, or visa versa.

But there are a number of variations to this legend, and there are other ancient spears around the world whose possessors claim it to be authentic. Likewise, there remains as much conjecture about the veracity of various authors' claims to have "found" The True One as there is speculation as to how indeed they came unto their claims. To that end, here are two links you may find interesting:

I should also add that I honestly do not recall the part you mentioned about Julius Caesar, except to say that it does ring a vague bell in the back of mind, and would make sense in light of the time period.

In regard to religion and the bible, my personal reconciliation with the dilemma you describe -- in trying to determine what is original versus what is fabricated propaganda -- is to have come to acceptance in knowing that all things recorded/written by mere human beings are subject to a multitude of biases, censors, poetic license, hyperbole, memory lapses, covert as well overt agendas, not to mention editorial boards and political agendas which historically decide what the masses should be led to believe, what information we should be allowed to know.

But my very wise mother taught me that in every rumor there is a thread of truth; sometimes that thread is thicker in parts than in others, but that in following the thread, however thin, one will find truth, and the truth shall set us free.

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