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Marina Abramovic and Lady Gaga

This is part of an on-going segment to try and decrypt various infamous symbols and references which have come up during Pizzagate-related research. These notes may then provide as useful tools for others who may come across further references in their own research.

"Spirit Cooking" is a frequently used, but ill-defined term in a great deal of Pizzagate communities. Many know it as a bizarre form of "performance art" conducted by Marina Abramovic which involves deluges of pig blood as well as ritualistic and cannabalistic themes. Many famous celebrities have attended these "public" events among the most notable being Lady GaGa, Will Ferrel, Hugh Jackman, and Jay Z. Children have also been observed present at these performances.

Marina Abramovic also performs Spirit Cooking sessions in private. Abramovic herself describes such private occult rituals, "in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art. The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or not."(1) Many notable individuals have had private sessions with Marina, the most significant for Pizzagate being John Podesta and possibly his brother, Tony.(2)

The ritual

Spirit Cooking

In Spirit Cooking, Marina uses pigs blood (which most resembles human blood) as a medium to connect the spirit world with the material world. The ritual takes place in the kitchen, which is considered the heart of the home. The goal of the ceremony is to convert matter into energy so spirits can feed on it. Marina "...derives her inspiration from the popular belief that the spirits still need food even though it is no longer solid, but in the form of light, sound, and emotions."(3)

It goes on to say this would be a, "modern rendition of the 19th and 20th century [Aleister Crowley] rituals of the Cake of Light." Crafting and consuming a "Cake of Light" is said to be, "a fulfillment of the sacred circle of the connection between Man and the Divine."

Image and info on the Spirit Cooking ritual/history from Everipedia page on Spirit Cooking

Art or occultism?

Strong critics of Pizzagate have claimed that the acts of Spirit Cooking themselves are in no way meant to conjure any spirits and have no religious connotations whatsoever other than to parody or make "absurdist comments" about religion. In fact, Artsy wrote a very detailed editorial "debunking" Pizzagate and the occult connection of Spirit Cooking:

Spirit Cooking isn’t a ritual meant to conjure spirits or worship devils—it’s a comment on humanity’s reliance on ritual to organize and legitimize our lives and contain our bodies.

According to Abramović, as she stated in a recent talk at London’s Royal Festival Hall, it’s poetry.

It is impossible to know if Pizzagate would have been created without right-wing blogs pushing the satanic Spirit Cooking lie.

Source: Artsy

While it is true there may not be much evidence to claim the rituals are directly "Satanic", and are more likely related to Thelema and Aleister Crowley, Marina Abramovic herself seems to contradict the opinions of Artsy. While Artsy declares Reddit as "fake news", they fail to bring up the Marina Abramovic AMA which took place on Reddit in which she describes private occult rituals as "not art".

Marina on private Spirit Cooking

Source: Marina Abramovic AMA on Reddit

Abramovic would go on to say in this AMA, however, that spirituality is important in life and art, but not, "religions because they are institutions. I am talking about understanding yourself on a deeper level." This may further support the idea that her work is not necessarily Satanic in nature, but it does very much align with Aleister Crowley and Thelema's ideas of the higher-self and finding one's personal Holy Guardian Angel.

The conclusion and more questions

After looking at all the evidence, connections, and references, it is this author's opinion that the connections between the political elite and occult practices are still significant, regardless of their specific denominations or flavors of religion. It would also seem that contrary to mainstream media statements, even Abramovic admits private occult rituals are no longer considered performance art and are perhaps far more spiritual in context than has been previously given credit.

That leaves this author with some more questions to explore, however:

  • Why does the mainstream media insist Abramovic does not conduct occult rituals?
  • Why would John and Tony Podesta, Anthony Weiner, and Hillary Clinton be interested in such rituals?
  • What entity/entities has Abramovic actually tried to communicate with?
  • What other politicians may have great interest in Abramovic?

See the Pizzagate Wiki for more related research.


you do realize that you just referenced and quoted a source which perfectly explained and debunked the ridiculous theory you are trying to promote...

Hey, I was trying to represent both sides of the argument, plus if you read what I write I state the Artsy article conveniently omits details.

Not to mention your content is as bland as bread and water. Must be great not having to read or take risks and talking down to others.

Stay on target... Stay on target!

We're getting closer. Keep at it!

I figured this to be a good warm-up for an upcoming, much larger exposé on Hollywood.

This is right on target! I saw a video about one of Abramovic's dinners ($10,000 for the cheap seats) That included Gaga, Will Farrell!

My answers to the 4 questions

1- Because they are controlled by and infested with birds of the same feather as Abramovic and Podesta

2- Because they are practicing satanists- this is their religion which sacrificial ceremonies include the abduction, torture, rape, murder, and even cannbalism of children.

3- not sure

4- LOTS of them- on both sides of the aisle as well as within agencies- plenty in the CIA.

There is no larger or more far-reaching institution than government itself. What these people ALWAYS [conveniently] overlook is that the institution most divorced from all spirituality is the State. Paradoxically it is Statism [ie the religious devotion to Government] which is their religion.

Hi, I discovered one more quote that adds weight to your argument. “IN PERFORMANCE ART EVERYTHING IS REAL: THE EXHAUSTION, THE BLOOD OR THE KNIFE. THERE IS NO ACTING. IN THEATRE, BLOOD IS KETCHUP; IN PERFORMANCE IS REAL BLOOD.” -- Marina Abramovic, from her website (2016):

Interesting theory... I recently did my first Steemit article on equity release. It's a great platform and I'm enjoying the diversity of content.

Interesting article. Thanks.

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