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Meet Michael Alig:



From Wikipedia:

Michael Alig (born April 29, 1966) is an American former club promoter, musician and writer who served almost 17 years in prison for manslaughter. Alig was a prominent member of the Club Kids, a group of young New York City club goers that became a cultural phenomenon during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In March 1996, Alig killed fellow Club Kid Andre "Angel" Melendez in a confrontation over a drug debt. He plead guilty to manslaughter in October 1997. He was sentenced to ten to twenty years in prison and was released on parole in May 2014.

... & Proud

From Wikipedia:

Andre "Angel" Melendez was regular on the New York City club scene and worked at The Limelight. He also sold drugs on the premises. After the bar was closed by federal agents when an investigation found that Peter Gatien was allowing drugs to be sold there, Melendez was fired. Shortly thereafter, he moved into Alig's apartment. On the night of March 17, 1996, Alig and his friend Robert "Freeze" Riggs murdered Melendez after an argument in Alig's apartment over many things including a long-standing drug debt. Alig has claimed many times that he was so high on drugs that his memory of the events is unclear.

After Melendez's death, Alig and Riggs did not know what to do with the body. They initially left it in the bathtub, which they filled with ice. After a few days, the body began to decompose and became odorous. After discussing what to do with Melendez's body and who should do it, Riggs went to Macy's to buy knives and a box. In exchange for ten bags of heroin, Alig agreed to dismember Melendez's body. He cut the legs off, put them in a garbage bag and stuffed the rest into a box. Afterwards, he and Riggs threw the box into the Hudson River.

In the weeks following Melendez's disappearance, Alig allegedly told "anyone who would listen" that he and Riggs had killed him. Most people did not believe Alig and thought his "confession" was a ploy to get attention.

The Documentary made by Run2Christ:

Dear Michael Alig - The Club Kids - Mini Doc (Run2Christ) 2017

Born Chicken Hawk?

This is a transcript done to the best of my abilities for the part starting at 9:30 and ending at 10:10 :

interviewer: so Michael let's, let's get this straight now, you seduce youngsters and throw them into homosexuals
[missing frames]
Michael Alig: I suppose you might, you might say that... we find, we find kids, you, you know you can tell if somebody's 15, you can tell if they're gay
[missing frames]
interviewer: 'cause let's face it right now you're enjoying your 15 minutes that Andy Warhol promises people but it's like, more like 20 minutes already and a...
[missing frames]
interviewer: you were telling me that you're sort of a born chicken hawk in fact Michael like anything over 10 is like too old for you
Michael Alig: well that's pushing it a bit far
interviewer: ah, ok
Michael Alig: you might, hum-hum, maybe sixteen seventeen
interviewer: sixteen seventeen, well you're scurrying the age of consent there

From Wikipedia:

Chickenhawk (gay slang)

A chickenhawk or chicken hawk is slang used in American and British gay culture to denote older males who prefer younger males for partners, who may less often be called "chickens", i.e., the prey of the chickenhawk. Other variations include chicken queen and chicken plucker.

It is sometimes used as a disparaging vulgarity within the LGBT community, or seen as a slur against people in that community. The label can be applied to a man who seeks partners with the look of someone young, regardless of their target's age.

"Chickenhawk" also indicates a man who uses underage boys for his sexual pleasure. The usage was publicized by members of the controversial group NAMBLA in the 1994 documentary film Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys, although Time magazine reported it in this sense in 1975.

The use and significance of this term have been the subject of academic discussions and popular reports.

Screenshot from James Alefantis' Facebook page:

The article written by James St. James & shared by Alefantis:

Dear Michael…

It’s a very different world you’re re-entering into. So much has changed in the 17 years since you last walked among us. For instance: We have talking pictures now! And cronuts!

Boys are cuter in the 21st century. And dicks are bigger. These are facts. If you don’t believe me, spend an hour on Tumblr. Another odd thing: EVERYBODY has killer style now. Kids in Peoria are as fabulous as the kids in Williamsburg. It’s all rather dizzying, and kind of depressing. When everybody is fabulous, nobody is.

In Run2Christ's video, when the name James St. James comes up we are shown a picture of Jeffrey Epstein (in reference to Little Saint James, the infamous private island owned by the billionaire), but this is the dear friend in question:


This is Michael Alig's Gallery, kids seem to be one his favorite themes:

I've checked and it seems like transformer hasn't housed an event for Alig's art since he came out of jail in 2014.


Ugh Heroic. It's sad we have to wade through so many filthy specimens of human beings in pursuit of pizzagate. Thanks for unearthing this sordid being, the world could do without.

Amen!!! The deeper I get, the sicker I get!

Rich, here's a vid worth watching if you can stomach it. True story. It shows very clearly how normal the most evil filth look. It has a positive ending because of the great police men involved.

I saw something about Michael Alig earlier. I'll see if I can stand it! You might want to check out my last post.

He's probably a murderer, and I don't care what his sexual preferences are.

Watch the movie Party Monster if you want to see Macaulay Caulkin from Home Alone play this Alig guy.

Poor Macaulay Culkin. We have some idea now of what he went through.

I have a hard time believing this Macaulay Culkin-Alig connection is a coincidence since the pizza, underground, abuse & pedo symbols/themes have already been pointed out as revolving around the Home Alone icon's life.


You'll always notice a pattern if you're looking for one. Its what human brains do best

Of course, that is why I don't take statistics too seriously. In specific contexts, you can often make numbers say what you want them to say. Watch Stefan Molyneux on a regular basis, this guy ticks to truth through numbers he all never did compiled himself anyway.

I give you props for still looking into this stuff. It really got me down. Keep it up, stay safe tho above all. Unless you are willing to give up your life for this. Some people are. I would if it would change something.

Good article