WEINER DROP The Enter PDANON + Mossad Materials | The Jeffery Epstein Mother-load part 6

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Um, I got forwarded this from a team member. Seems to be the Contents of Mr. Weiner's Contact List.

The saga continues and it look like a new anon has enter the fray. PDANON

Who is PDANON? They claim to be a part of the group that dumped the Wiener contacts. They doubled down on this by dropping the entire doxx on James Alefantis complete with connections to known connections all around this business empire. One Huge 153 page document of more pizzagate connections you can shake a stick at. The means are meant for a flood that is coming and not for harassing people. It seems people need to be smart about this one instead of trolling the fuck out of people, but ya know how these things go with the chans. All the information popped up on the chans a few hours after I posted about the Anthony Weiner Contact list.

Anthony Weiner's Computer Contact list located

4chan Thread on files

8chan Thread on files

Looking at the contacts many members of the info squad brought of other contact lists that have been posted before. I'm digging into it to match and recommend if you know how you do it yourself and post the info. Either way most of the contacts are being tested and it seem they are indeed legit connections to big players.

Contacts could be collected from Bluementhal dump

Possible Per 8chan Drop for contacts

This PDANON was not posting on a Tripcode. It seems he was just using an ID. That was keeping him posting for a while. People collected his sayings for the later. Future proves past folks.

Things are saved and if my mind is connection correctly. He's broadcasting they are going to drop the file on Pi day. 3.14, 3-14. All PDANON seems like PedoAnon and it fits with all the connections to Weiner and clear push against Epstein ad the mossad squad. They where talking about George Webb and Jason Goodman a lot and It seems I wasn't wrong when I was looking into those 2 so many months ago. Are we finally looking at something Pizza Related that people have been asking for? The Qanon system seem to be muddled and it looks like people are looking to the future of the usage. I think people are good with the questions and are now working on how to get the right answers.

This goes in line with the big investigation I did on Jeffery Epstein. He's due back in court very soon and it's right about the time to put public pressure on to make the information more know and relevant. Many of the same people that were just downed by the memo are also connected to this trail and all the people that visited on his island. This israeli spy ring in congress was in fair and the information will take out 80% of our elected officials. This would be a clear draining of the swamp and how Trump deals with the Epstein situation will show the world what the new colors are.

The Ring of Fire and Case Pushed to Next Year | The Jeffery Epstein Mother-load
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Thanks for sharing great post

Thanks for staying on this taboo topic. Exposing the pedophiles running the planet is really the most pressing matter for humanity.

Keep it up! I catch up with the Qanon by watching your videos.


Hilary has always hated Weiner .....

So it’s a leak from the the Police Department then; the nypdanon i guess? I remember a lot of..stories..during War for the White House ‘16 about unnamed (of course, always) elements inside the nypd threatening to arrest Hillary Clinton if like the FBI or somebody or other indicted or arrested her or something like that. This has to do with all that? Or no?

Calm before the storm,
On 4 chan he was born,
On 8 chan he was thrown
his name will not be known
'til deepstate's overthrown

you might enjoy my blog, good work here, im going to start going through it.

btw disobedient media and suzie3d are not legit dont upvote their crap


They are legit and my friends, whats with the hate?