Anthony Weiner's Computer Contact list located

in news •  9 months ago

Um, I got forwarded this from a team member. Seems to be the Contents of Mr. Weiner's Contact List. I'm kinda like wow that a ton of big names and stuff so it makes me wonder what's going on here. This is suppose to be off the laptop and offer's some interesting connections that might not have been known before. It seem there is a huge amount of data that has been dropped and probably means their is more to follow. People have already started talking about on the net and I have seen a ton of people posting out it after the fact. Seems like the internet is on fire again and we gotta make sure it's all out. Looks like the plan is working?

contact list


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Nice article

Great news good video!


why is the "contact list" pastebin URL (tHJkwnE3) different than the "archive" pastebin URL (NFcM6Y)?

did you intend for the archived pastebin to be the same as deleted pastebin?


No the archived one was deleted thats why its an archive. Did you try the archive link genius?