Pedophiles Rule the World (Transcript/Sourced)

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International sex trafficking rings are controlled by the elite.

By: Paul Joseph Watson


So now Pizzagates been debunked, that must mean that anyone who talks about the connections between pedophilia and people in positions of power must be 'crazy extremist conspiracy theorists right'? Wrong.

In virtually every major pedophile bust, in every major country in the world, top politicians, judges, celebrities, billionaires and other members of the Establishment, are always connected.

Conspiracy theory? OK. Lets take a look.

In 2008, financier Jeffry Epstein whose friends included some of the most powerful people on the planet was convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution. According to fox news Epstein "allegedly had a team of traffickers who procured girls as young as 12 to service his friends on "Orgy Island", an estate on Epstein's 72 acre island called "Little St. James" in the us virgin islands."

Why did Bill Clinton take at least 26 trips on the Lolita Express, Epstein's jet, ditching his secret service details for five of those trips?

Reporter: "A jet accusers say was equipped for sex with underage victims and was used to travel to Epstein's private island nicknamed "Orgy Island". Newly obtained documents actually took at least 26 flights on Epstein's private jet to spots around the globe, though apparently not after Epstein's plea deal and jail time. On at least five occasions that they did travel together, secret service did not accompany Clinton.

Secret Service Officer: "You don't just dismiss Secret Service details. Paperwork has to be filed... there's an account to know 'why the dismissal'. In this case, there isn't paperwork and the Secret Service is not responding to the FOIA requests."

Why did Clinton choose to continue his association with Epstein when his Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, everyone within his inner circles KNEW he was a pedophile? Why did Epstein have 21 different phone numbers for Bill Clinton? Who were the prominent people Epstein reportedly blackmailed by secretly recording them with these underage girls? Who are the "powerful associates" named by victim Virginia Roberts that US authorities allegedly have on tape having sex with underage girls? Why did Jefferey Epstein serve just 13 months in jail for his crimes? Were Epstein and his friends linked to another elite child sex trafficking network? One recently exposed by a woman named 'Kendall' on Dr. Phil's Show.

Kendall spoke about private parties on islands where she and other children would be taken, tortured and raped by high ranking law enforcement officials, major sports figures, and top US politicians.

Kendall: "My whole life I traveled all over the world and would go to some of the biggest events to meet clients and have sex with them. They were all extremely rich and prominent members of society. The man who owns me is smart and rich. He has connections with very powerful people all over the world."

Who were these people? Is she referring to Epstein's "Orgy Island?"

Dr. Phil: "I can tell you that a very reliable source has confirmed to us that Kendall has in fact been trafficked, raped, molested, and severely abused by a very large, very dangerous organization."

In 2010, Laura Silsby, former director of the 'New Life Children's Refuge' was arrested for attempting to traffic 33 children out of Haiti. Silsby's lawyer and his wife were later arrested on suspicion of involvement in an international human trafficking ring. (Second Source)

Why did Bill Clinton intervene to secure the release of all of Silsby's co-conspirators? Why did Clinton help get Silsby's sentence reduced from 'conspiracy of child abduction' to just "arranging irregular travel"? Why were Silsbsy's charges reduced just three days after Clinton landed in Haiti? Why was Hillary Clinton interested in the case?

Last year, former child actor and Lord of the Rings star, Elijah Wood said "powerful figures in the movie business were protecting pedophiles". Who were these monsters that preyed upon children at Hollywood parties? How many famous faces are among the 100 active pedophiles in Hollywood referenced by Anne Henry? Are they the same predators who abused Corey Feldman and other child actors in the 1980s?

Corey Feldman: "I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was, is, and will always be pedophilia. There was a circle of older men that surrounded themselves around this group of kids."

Does this Hollywood pedo-cult stretch back to the 70s when Roman Polanski was arrested for having sex with a 13 year old girl before fleeing America? Why have prominent politicians and Hollywoood heavyweights like Meryl Streep consistently defended Polanski, a fugitive pedophile?

Meryl Streep: "Umm.. yes. Roman Polanski, I'm very sorry that he is in jail."

In 2012, it was revealed that British entertainer Jimmy Saville had sexually abused 100s of young children for decades. Who among those in the British Establishment that Saville was so close to knew about his activities? Who were the other masked participants in Savilles Satanic ceremonies during which children were raped? Who were the other participants during another Satanic abuse ceremonies that took place on a wealthy London street? Why were Savilles connections with what MP Tom Watson called 'a powerful pedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10' not properly investigated? How were rumors circulating as far back as 1978 and yet he remained free for over three decades?

Johnny Rotten: "Jimmy Saville, he's a hypocrite. He's into all kinds of seediness. We all know about, but are not allowed to talk about. I know of some rumors. I bet none of this will be allowed out."

Piers Morgan interviewing Johnny Rotten: "The fact that in 1978, at the height of the Sex Pistols explosion, there you are saying about Jimmy Saville 'he was into all kinds of seediness that we all knew about, but weren't allowed to talk about it, I know some rumors'. You had heard the kinds of thing that we now know about him?" "Yeah." "...or stuff like that?" "Yeah. I found myself being banned from BBC Radio there for quite a while for my 'contentious' behavior."

Why did the BBC cancel a Newsnight Investigation into the abuse that was set to air in 2011 after Savilles death? Was TV presenter Jill Dando professionally murdered because she was about to expose "big named stars at the BBC who were involved in the abuse"? Why was an innocent, mentally unstable man blamed for Jill Dandos murder and locked up for seven years on flimsy evidence?

In 2014, London Police publicly said they believed allegations that "a ring of prominent politicians and members of the Establishment abused and terrorized children as young as seven, more than 30 years ago and went on onto kill three young boys". Who were these prominent politicians? One of the victims who blew the whistle on the abuse handed a list of VIP names to the police.

Reporter: "The allegations beg the belief, young boys driven around London and delivered to abuse parties. MPs, police officers, and other pillars of the British Establishment engaged in depraved acts of abuse of these children, and now the latest shocking claim, at least three murders connected to network of VIP perverts."

Reporter: "An internal Home Office inquiry last year discovered 114 files on the issue had gone missing."

British Official: "We're talking about the worst kind of crime committed by the people who are supposed to be running the country."

Why after initially going public with their belief that the claims were true did police subsequently close the investigation in 2016? Was it for the same reason that police shelved an investigation into the same 'Dolphin Square' pedophile cult in 1988 on the orders from 'those at the top'? And who was the Tory Minister seen in a child sex abuse video handed to MI5 in 1982? Who were the [20 former MPs, government ministers, judges and other prominent figures who abused children for decades, according to former child protection manager Peter McKelvie](

Peter McKelvie: "There's been an extremely powerful elite among the highest level of the political classes for as long as I've been alive and I'm 65 now. Uh... and there's been sufficient reason to investigate it over and over again, certainly for the last 30 years, and there's always been the block and the cover-up and the collusion to prevent that happening."

Pedophile MP Cyril Smith abused boys for four decades and was protected by the British Establishment. Who else are they protecting?

Who protected the Pakistani rape gang that was allowed to abuse and traffic 1400 girls in Rotterham for over a decade?

In 2004, Belgian Mark Dutroux was convicted of kidnapping and torturing six young girls, four of whom he murdered.

Narrator: "How was he able to kidnap rape and murder young children right under the noses of the police in this modern European country? Was he protected?"

Why did police visit Dutroux and hear screaming children in the basement, only to claim it was the sound of kids playing outside and then leave? Why were surveillance tapes showing Dutroux constructing the entrance to the dungeon where the kidnapped girls were held, seized by the police, but never viewed? Who were the high level politicians that Dutroux named as members of the powerful network that he was procuring children for? Why did Jean-Marc Connerotte, the original judge in the case, break down in tears before speaking of "shadowy figures, determined to stop the full truth from coming out"? Who were the members of the government that Connerotte said were protecting the real suspects in the trafficking of children?

Jean-Marc Connerotte: "I don't believe that there is one person in this country who knows the full story."

Were these the same aristocrats involved in the abuse of Anneke Lucas and other children in Belgium in the late 60s and early 70s?

Anneke Lucas: "...and the children were... the commodity. The highest, the most valued commodity... and were used for sex mostly. But, there were a number of aristocrats that were part of this club who also liked killing children."

In 2010, numerous prominent individuals in Portugal were convicted for their involvement in the sexual abuse of more than 100 orphan children. They included a TV presenter, governor, and a UNESCO ambassador.

Reporter: "7 people, including a former ambassador and a former television presenter face more than 800 charges."

Numerous other senior MPs and members of Portugals elite were linked to the pedophile ring.

Reporter: "A member of former children's home took boys from there and procured them for pedophiles for Portuguese men who then took these boys away to other places to be abused. Many prominent Portuguese people have been implicated in this case. Those facts are confirmed by the courts. So crimes were committed and named names."

Carlos Silvinio "procured boys for a powerful group of clients." But who were they? According to former Secretary of State for Families, Theresa Acosta Macedo, "These high profile pedophiles included diplomats and politicians", but only a handful of people were ever convicted. Why were most of them never brought to justice? And what was the identity of the elitists in France for whom children were provided for sado-masochistic orgies by serial killer Patrice Allegre?

Everything I just said is documented and the links are in the description. So we're faced with two possibilities: either this is all just one huge conspiracy theory and I'm making it all up, or there is a pattern wherein the most high-profiled sex trafficking busts, members of the elite are involved in the sexual abuse of children. The evidence clearly suggests the latter.

And none of that evidence has anything to do with Pizzagate.

Its important to emphasize there are numerous pedophile scandals which have been proven to be fake, the result of mass hysteria or contrived panic. For example, the daycare allegations of the 80s and early 90s that were blamed on a readiness to believe false accusations and Pizzagate may well fall into that category. However, that can't be said for any of the examples I provided in this video.

My final question is this: given that the Trump Administration has acted aggressively to arrest sex traffickers, with more than 1500 arrests in his first month in office alone, is this what Trump truly meant when he said he was going to "drain the swamp"? Is a huge part of the Establishments war on Trump centered on their fear that the net is closing on their sordid, illegal activities?


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saw you on infowars love what your doing keep up the grat work. and wtf is going on with trump and syria right we support maga not these globalist wars it was clearly another false flag trumps gotta no better wuts going on

Its important to emphasize there are numerous pedophile scandals which have been proven to be fake, the result of mass hysteria or contrived panic. For example, the daycare allegations of the 80s and early 90s that were blamed on a readiness to believe false accusations and Pizzagate may well fall into that category. However, that can't be said for any of the examples I provided in this video.

Ever since the Pizzagate story got bigger and bigger and a guy went in with guns blazing, I had this feeling it all seemed like controlled opposition. With so many very real pedophile crimes going on, I couldn't understand why so many people were so focused on a media story which had (IMO) very circumstantial evidence. If people begin to discredit the idea of these things going on then they may miss the very real evidence (and, importantly, convictions) of highly powerful people involved in crimes against the innocent. I hope everyone who cares about this stuff will continue to improve their epistemology and seek to disprove their suspicions before confirming their biases. Many of us are wired to save the day as heroes (myself included), but we have to have our facts straight first or our actions to "do good" can be used by others to weaken our position and ultimately help those who do harm to others.

I watched your infowars segment and was impressed by how calm and level-headed you were. That show is difficult for me to watch because of all the high emotion and crazy stuff Alex Jones say (You see his Joe Rogan appearance? Was funny to watch the latest one with Dan and Sam Harris talking about Joe and Alex way back in the day). For me, it's like watching a televangelist preaching to the faithful. It's tribalism all over again, in many ways and I have trouble accepting the trans-dimensional demon lizard people hypothesis. But I digress. :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If Paul Watson has any sources or evidence that proves pizzagate has been 'debunked' I'd like to see it. Has it been debunked because Alex Jones apologized? Since when does Alex Jones speak for the community?

This 'debunked' claim has been made by WaPo, the NYT, Wikipedia and many other msm sources but NONE of them will provide any evidence. The DC police have not conducted an investigation as far as I know, aside from the false flag shooting with the IMDB actor Edgar Welch.

I'm not going to sit back and listen to Alex Jones dictate what Pizzagate is and is not. The true leaders of the investigation are not Cernovich, Jones or Watson, they're the people who have been researching and crowd sourcing since last October on various patforms including Voat, reddit, 4 chan, youtube, steemit and more.

I read somwhere that over 1% of the world's population are pedophiles, so I guess these criminals run around in all strata of society it is not just Democrats, Republicans or Catholic Priests or big shots or media stars etc, and probably they have good networks for defending themselves, at least the ones who are organized and have money, so to me it is no surprise to see what you have written, only thing is it is much larger than what most people think.