Elite pedophile rings revealed on Dr. Phil

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In an interesting turn of events, a MSM personality just dumped a truckload full of red pills on the daytime television normies.

In his most recent episode, he interviewed a young woman who has been quite obviously shattered mentally from years of abuse of the worst forms.

For anyone who has researched into #Pizzagate or #pedogate, nothing she said was truly a new revelation, however hearing it from the mouth of someone who lived that existence is immensely heartbreaking.

More heartbreaking still knowing that this is still going on, right now, all over the globe, to likely millions of kids.

Important Points:

  • this woman was sold by her parents into this
  • these girls are trained from a young age to think of themselves as literal property
  • those who aren't sold (kidnapped) do not fare well since they have known freedom
  • she took part in being prey in the "hunting parties" which still shake me to my core to think about
  • she was forced to strangle a newborn at a very young age
  • she witnessed numerous kids being murdered by her 'owner' or clients
  • she was impregnated numerous times and gave birth to three, whom were immediately taken away to the same fate as their mother as a sex pet
  • her 'owner' handed her a pistol at the age of seven and taught her the most effective methods of suicide and allowed her to try. When she pulled the trigger, no round was loaded and she was punished harshly for 'attempting to leave her owner'
  • disturbingly, the young woman had the demeanor of a terrified, obedient dog being brought on a stage in front of an audience

What bothered me most about this episode of Dr. Phil (which my wife watches and I generally avoid), was that despite the woman mentioning in segments that this involved VERY wealthy, powerful individuals, including law enforcement, business elites, and politicians, the scale or scope of perpatrators and victims were not once discussed by Dr. Phil.

If you care about this, spread it with the world. I really can't wait for these rings to be gobbled up. I'm rarely a proponent of executions, but public hangings after a fair trial for the leaders of this stuff NEEDS to happen.

Watch a clip here:

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I bet Dr. Phil looses his show for covering this.


dr drew pinsky lost his show for commenting on hillarys health

Very good post! Upvoted, resteemed and followed.
You may find the following very interesting as we are all
coming together better on these platforms to investigate
these insane times. Stronger together.
Open Conference on #pedopantanal

thank u for posting this and spreading the word about pedogate people must no the truth. im out here to trying to get the word out never give up

dumped a truckload of red pills lo! :)

Yesterday, I watched the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. In the film, the rich Christian Grey is obsessed with a girl named Ana. His interest is to get her to participate in sadomasochistic games where he is the dominant and she is the submissive. He wants Ana to sign a contract so that he can own her for sexual exclusivity purposes. At one point we learn that Mr. Grey had the role reversed when he was fifteen years old and when he was owned by a woman named Mrs. Robinson.

If I remember correctly there was something like ''pagan rituals of chasing women around and the child resulting from the union bearing the name Robinson'' in one of David Icke's books. Don't take my word for it, I'm now looking for the quotes in my french editions of Children of The Matrix & The Biggest Secret. One thing is for sure: Robinson means "son of Robert" and "Robert" means "fame-bright" according to Wikipedia. In other words, one could say: ''son of the illuminated''.


Edit: I just found it on page 277 of the 1st volume of Le Plus Grand Secret. I won't write & retranslate the entire excerpt here but I'll say that there are notes at the end of the chapter saying that David Icke's ''the children that came from the May Pole pagan ritual are the ancestors of the Robinson & Robertson families'' info comes from Michael Baigent &
Richard Leigh's The Temple and the Lodge book.


Lets hope the truth comes out and justice is served.
Thank you for bringing this story to Steemit!!

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