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The Campaign of Silence on Human Trafficking - Apocalyptic Dreamers on the Brink of Trump Coup

by Amy James

Disclaimer: I used to really like music, before I listened to the lyrics… but every time I think of Hillary Clinton, James Alefantis, or John Podesta, the lyrics “Do You Wanna Die?” from 4:06 on in this Toadies song, “Possum Kingdom,” pop into my head…


No, no, I don’t wanna die. Let this be my “I am neither suicidal nor homicidal” message to the world. Also, I don’t do drugs or take prescription drugs or drink alcohol. I stockpile no flammable materials in my house, and I don’t have any fire hazards near my car, either.

Our country rests on the very edge of a precipice, and The Deep State’s attempts to knock it down rely upon the People's seemingly never-ending unawareness. The cover-up of child kidnapping, exploitation, rape, and murder stretches much farther than the curbs of Comet Ping Pong and Besta Pizza. Pizzagate is not fake news, and it’s not only about the Clintons, the Podestas, or James Alefantis. Those of us who paid attention to WikiLeaks last Summer were shocked to learn that Hillary Clinton’s aide was emailing her about sacrificing a chicken to Moloch, and there were allegations of strange pedophile-linked code words appearing in the emails published on WikiLeaks as well. It’s been a year now since Seth Rich was killed, and the closest we have come to public awareness is posting threads of an open-sourced investigation on message boards, or following a YouTube investigation by George Webb, who is now under attack by apparent shills calling him a shill. Nobody knows if we will ever learn the full extent of the crimes being concealed within our own government. Was Seth Rich involved with elite weirdos before he decided to become a leaker? After all, he used the term “Panda” online quite a bit. Was he referring to the inappropriate hashtags and other references used frequently by James Alefantis, #cumpanda and #pandacumhole, which all signs point to meaning that a pedophile gets off on raping kids who have been beaten so badly that they have black eyes? (Pizzagate Wiki on "Jimmycomet")

The “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory about Donald Trump is one of the biggest attempts of our age at overthrowing a government. The truth is that this Russia hack / collusion fabrication is simply an attempt to brainwash the people into following a sensational story made up entirely of complete lies and set ups, coming from people who have truly committed heinous crimes against children. Every time the word Russia is mentioned, the media goes crazy and the left starts celebrating the “promise” of Trump’s seemingly-impending fall, like conditioned cult members. If you still haven’t researched Pizzagate, here’s some background to catch you up - my introductory “Part One” article in a series with Investigative Journalist Evelyn Pringle titled, “Dead Men Do Tell Tales: What Breitbart Knew.”


In 2010, Laura Silsby was arrested for Human Trafficking of child victims in Haiti. Huma Abedin got involved, and ultimately the Clintons hired her a lawyer who somehow got her out of jail after she was convicted of kidnapping 33 children (who seemingly had families), and had served 6 months in a Haitian jail. Her lawyer was later convicted of sex trafficking. (Background)

Laura Silsby Gaylor has previously worked for AlertSense, as an executive, although her name no longer appears on the company’s website, as of today, although it previously had. This organization works with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to run the country’s Amber Alert system. They have blocked me on Twitter.

Yesterday on Medium, a self-identified pedophile named Ender Wiggin posted a long and well-worded, though naïve and false “Pizzagate article,” claiming he had disproven the entire category of Human Trafficking related scandals exposed by WikiLeaks, using only his own logic.

This writer insisted that Pizzagate researchers are simply grasping at straws to make them feel that they have some special knowledge that others do not possess, and pump up their egos and make themselves feel more intelligent. This author claims to be a “non-offending, non-contact pedophile” who “knows that sex with children is wrong” and thus refuses to engage in it. Assuming only the best of intentions from “Ender Wiggin,” this pedo is missing the point, and his conflict of interest is a blatantly obvious loaded bag of dung. You could view the evidence in the light most favorable to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, James Alefantis, Tony Podesta, Anthony Weiner, Human Abedin, etc., and yet there are still scandals taking place that not only exploit children, but which involve international crimes, the toppling of governments and regimes (a la Benghazi), and which ultimately trace back to the quest for power by elites.

We must not let The Deep State get away with their attempt to retake Washington from a President who is engaging in an all-out war on Human Trafficking. Hillary Clinton may not be in office right now, but that doesn’t mean that she and Obama and others aren’t vying for a secret coup to gain back a smidgen of the power that they’ve lost. There’s not a chance that the completely corrupt, evil, Benghazi-conspiring, email-hiding, secret-selling Hillary Clinton would be even discussing, let alone issuing mandates on combating Human Trafficking, and then proceed to follow through by busting as many pedophiles as possible in as short a time as possible. Praise Jesus that she’s not in office…

The lamestream media will often mention WikiLeaks, Podesta, Cheryl Mills, Loretta Lynch – everything, and everyone, but they won’t come out and talk about pedophilia. The truth, however is much, much worse than just child-raping. NPR has mentioned human trafficking. Trey Gowdy alludes to child abuse in his hearings. Jeff Sessions talks about rounding up pedophiles and child abusers and human traffickers. The FBI issues warnings about human trafficking at the Super Bowl. But the elites continue taunting us with frequent Op-Eds from John Podesta, and Super Bowl Commercials from Audi titled “Daughter,” featuring none other than an allegedly kidnapped child whose mother in the UK has openly stated that that is her missing daughter, who was stolen from her by Satanists. Either this is the most massive psyop of all time, or we are all witnessing the greatest network of evil that has ever disgraced God’s great creation.

You may have seen my article on aborted fetal cells in popular foods and cosmetics, in which I described the many links between Planned Parenthood and the baby body parts industry (if not, go read it). The disturbing truth is that we have been undergoing a silent, legalized Holocaust against unborn children since abortion became legalized in the U.S. Unfortunately, child sacrifice is not new… it harkens back to the beginning of time.

For every day that we waste on talking about Donald Trump and Russia, that’s another day that 3,000 or more children will be exterminated in the womb. As I detailed in my first piece on Pizzagate, the baby body parts industry is intricately connected to Planned Parenthood and it seems to play an important role in Pizzagate as well.

One of the things that is the most disturbing about John Podesta is his apparent involvement in Spirit Cooking, with Marina Abramovic. Marina Abramovic can be seen pictured in her own artwork, or in Spirit Cooking party photos posted online - in various poses on top of body parts, drinking blood with Lady Gaga, and smearing bloody mixtures on effigies of babies. John Podesta has been pictured in front of a cannibalistic painting in his office. Pizzagate is every bit about not only pedophilia but also about Satanism, which entails the use of child sacrifice and cannibalism in its rituals. George Webb has openly discussed organ harvesting via DynCorp and other evil elements, and many others have referred to the drinking of blood as a part of Satanic Ritual Abuse. People have even gone so far as to claim that Hillary Clinton may be suffering from kuru due to cannibalism. How depraved do you have to be to engage in this behavior? It's so terrible it sounds impossible. But Satanists do exist and they do abuse, kill, and eat people.

Recently, David Seaman and Jack Posobiec announced on Twitter that sources are reporting that John Podesta is officially under investigation, and from following George Webb, it has become apparent that Podesta may be on the run. If that’s really true, we can only hope it does not end the way we think Hillary Clinton’s multiple criminal investigations have ended – in the deaths of others investigating her.

Dear left-wingers: It’s simply too late for you to get a Democrat as President for a few more years – so you might as well spend a couple of hours researching “Pizzagate” in your free time, and don’t let your political affiliation stop you from potentially rescuing children from slavery or death. It hasn’t stopped Jared Beck, and it should not stop you. (Lawyer Suing DNC Fears for Life after Witness Seth Rich Murdered); (See also, Peter Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton emails, committed suicide: Report).

There are children in danger. There are Senators like Nancy Schaefer, journalists like Andrew Breitbart, and DNC members like Seth Rich dropping dead from “murder-suicide,” “heart attack,” and “robbery.” Foster parents with dead children who go shoot up Congressional Baseball Practices… and missing kids being stolen from hotel rooms or foster homes, who are never seen again. The importance of this investigation cannot be overstated. I urge you to join in.

Pizzagate Meme


Thanks for your work, great article :)
Most people are afraid, they prefer ignore the facts, live in their bubbles and let people and children being abused or killed. They think we live in a fantasy world where everyone is good and refuse to see evil.

If you or your readers want a great coverage of #pizzagate maid using a scientific approach check out @mes he has maid a very good and professional coverage.

I'll check it out!

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Did Steemit get the exclusive on Part II? Great job and keep on them like a pitbull on a offense to the poodle crowd. Love poodles.

I decided to start posting here, for more visibility, for the time being. =) I have been trying to get into Steemit and I have been having trouble doing so, but finally got it to work!

Yeah,,,,,it has a small learning curve. Nothing you couldn't handle. Anyway, a big Steemit welcome! I have resteemed this, which it means all people on my feed will see it. Hopefully that will get some readers for this important piece of journalism. Real journalism.

Thanks for your help spreading this article!

I've only been here a short time and I haven't even found out if there's a button to "resteem" things - where is that? Or do you just have to copy the link and post it to a feed or something?

At the bottom of your post, right to the left of the "reply" button, is a arrow looking thing pointing to the right. That is your resteem arrow.

@amyjamey You should consider doing an 'introducemyself' <------ use this as your first tagline - have a look at what others did before doing so - put the time and effort into a great intro and you'll be well rewarded by the community.

Thanks for the tip! I will do that.

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