Former Comet Ping Pong Employee Alleges: "James Alefantis sexually assaulted me"

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Note: I have personally verified this person's identity and backstory. I obviously cannot verify his accusations. He wishes to remain anonymous.

Former Comet Ping Pong Employee Claims: “I was Sexually Assaulted by James Alefantis”

By now, most people are at least vaguely familiar with the so-called “fake news” story known as Pizzagate. For those that aren't, the brief version is that self described “internet investigators” caught wind of some strange wording in the John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks, and went down the largest internet rabbit hole in recent history.

The story was quickly written off as mass hysteria, a conspiracy theory, and fake news by nearly all of mainstream media, and subsequently censored from the internet forum site Reddit. The theory, which has a plethora of circumstantial evidence, lacked one key factor: a victim.

The original accusation, which was removed from reddit shortly after the being posted:

Allegation of James Alefantis' sexual misconduct

The Victim

Wednesday, an anonymous person posted a thread on Reddit's popular Q&A page, entitled “I was assaulted 8 years ago by the Pizzagate guy, owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis AMA! [Ask Me Anything]” The post was initially marked as “privately verified” by the moderator whose handle is mimw.

With no explanation, the verification comment was removed within minutes, and the entire thread was scrubbed from public viewing. After a subsequent failed attempt to post to Reddit, a successful posting was made to the similar forum website The alleged victim linked to an image album that showed screenshots of conversations between himself and Alefantis that occurred during a six year period.

The anonymous nature of internet forums leads to skeptics demanding proof of any seemingly outrageous claim. The publication of these emails adds credibility to his story.

E-mails, allegedly from James Alefantis, sent to the accuser

James Alefantis e-mails accuser
Here is a link to the entire album.

The claim

Eight years ago, a young college student (who wishes to keep his name anonymous) worked at Comet Ping Pong. He reached out to Alefantis as a friend, who then allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted him. The user also goes further to claim that around the same time, Alefantis was caught by former business partner Carole Greenwood assaulting her young son in the kitchen of Comet Ping Pong. While unproven, the timeline does indeed add up with Greenwood's abrupt abandonment of Comet, citing “urgent family matters”. We can also confirm via a Washington Post article written in 2003 that Greenwood does have a son who would have been 17-18 years old in 2008. Greenwood was unavailable for an interview. According to the accuser, another employee witnessed the assault of Greenwood's son. Those reports were allegedly swept under the rug by the DC police.

Strange Twist

A user named JamesAlefantis appeared in the Reddit thread, attacking the accuser, posted several unsavory comments, and ultimately deleted his account hours later.

Link to the comments left by user JamesAlefantis before that profile was deleted

What happens now?

Nationally, the majority of sexual assaults never get reported and the statute of limitations in DC in this case is 3 years. If there are other victims, perhaps his public statement will lead to more people stepping forward and shining the light on a situation that may have been hiding in the shadows for the better part of a decade.


Thank you so much for your courage to post this. I heard about your post from a wonderful Journalist I respect, David Seaman. Wikileaks also made a tweet within past week about pizzagate. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for sharing this . I saw the headline and hoped it was my patient, wrong gender. Very brave of him to tell his story.

Your patient? Can you elaborate?

WOW! Looking forward to other posts from you. This is some insane info.
Thank you for posting.

Upvoted and resteemed... You should join us on our discord server dedicated to pizzagate research:

Two distinguished users of have pointed out to me a 2009 article with some vexing comments.

One submitter, who claims to have intimate knowledge of Carole Greenwood's situation, insinuates that something disgusting is going on behind the scenes at Comet.

Mr. James Alefantis is listed as one of GQ's most POWERFUL men in DC. It shouldn't be a surprise that people are hesitant to step out against him.

David Seaman's picked up your story:

I saw that! Fantastic. The more eyes on this the better.

Interesting stuff. But, why the choice of username @abortionburger? [shiver]

I've seen it somewhere before too. Can't remember where though.

It's been my reddit username for 8 years or so. My friends and I referred to a Denny's meal that I got as an Abortion Burger because, well, it looked like one.

It's been my reddit username for 8 years or so.

Ah, that's probably where I've seen it.

Can you help me to connect with this victim? I'd like to assist.

I can't give you his information - he specifically requested I keep it quiet. You can message his Reddit username though.

Ok, can you give him my name and email me the reddit name?

His reddit name is SVMESSEFVIFVTVRVS and I'll let him know to expect a message from you.

The person may wish to remain anonymous, but the name and email are visible in two of the images.

Yeah, misstep on his part. He later told me that James tracked him down as a result.

Why would he need to "track him down"? If James saw the email screenshots he would already know who was doing the AMA.

You're full of shit AbortionBurger, and your reddit spam on this has been called out as bullshit too!

these attacks against me are hilarious. i hope they keep coming because it just makes me want to dig deeper :)

You have issues. Some weird stuff on your Facebook too, reminds me of someone's instagram posts... And very creepy art work too... Concerning

All of my artwork is for sale. Are you interested?

@abortionburger no thanks on the art, it's very mediocre.

How much for Annabel though?

Question you say:

Note: I have personally verified this person's identity and backstory. I obviously cannot verify his accusations. He wishes to remain anonymous.

Well can we get some verification for who you are @AbortionBurger? Why should researchers trust an anonymous source saying they verified an anonymous source? How about providing some verification to us so we can all independently verify your information? On either yourself, or on your source, more importantly your source. Independent researchers need some way of being able to verify these emails.

This is huge information you have and you need to make it trustworthy so we can take it to the next step. Thanks for your help, I look forward to your response.

I'm not sure what sort of verification you're looking for. I use the same username on Reddit (7 year old account) and Voat if you'd like to look through my post history.

The victim wishes to remain anonymous so I'm not sure how I can help you to verify my information without exposing him.

Well I am not sure how we are supposed to use this completely unverifiable information as researchers. I could go on Photoshop and fake those emails in about 1 hour of time, so they are not proof of anything without verification.

You say...

The theory, which has a plethora of circumstantial evidence, lacked one key factor: a victim.

That is not true, there is far more than circumstantial evidence. There is from my standpoint already enough evidence to indict people. You do not need a victim to come forward to prove a crime, especially if the vast majority of the victims are dead or missing or both. The financial transactions alone could land these people in jail for tax evasion, see Al Capone.

Lastly, you have not provided a "victim", you have provided an unverified anonymous source that is making claims no one can verify. I would love to cover this, and tell the world, we got Alefantis, here is the victim "X" who you have to be able to name, who is going to tell the world about the evils of Alefantis. Without the name of X we can't verify anything and the claims could be a hoax, therefore as a PizzaGate researcher I cannot just run with this, with no verification other than "AbortionBurger" that anonymous person using Reddit and Voat for awhile said so. Even if this is real, and it very well may be, I can't go with anything that is not verifiable.

If you would like to chat privately I can offer a little more validation.

Ok I'm gonna follow you on twitter, PM me when you see it. (I can't PM anyone who isn't following me)

You are already following her on twitter, and she is following you (you have been for days). It really isn't a good idea to be a pedophile child abuser, because the only shills you can hire when shit hits the fan are going to be completely incompetent

Okay well I'm not gonna dox the victim so I guess you don't have to share it.

Trust me or don't. I have absolutely nothing to hide.

Here's my FB profile:

This isn't about trust, this is about compiling evidence. I don't mean to come off as harsh, we are all on the same side here. I really want to cover this story you exposed. I just want to be sure that I am not spreading misinformation. I hope you understand. Thanks for the FB link, I have no reason to doubt you personally, I am just trying to verify the evidence you have provided.

As for "dox"ing the "victim", well the victim is the key eye witness and if they are an adult then there name will be released in any court. I think they deserve privacy 100% but just explain to the victim that their testimony is worthless unless they are willing to testify and put their name behind their words. It is ultimately their choice, but it would go a long, long way towards getting justice if they would be willing to back up their story by testifying by adding their name to it. Then we could verify the employment records, and far more. Just pass my comments along.

If there are other victims hopefully they will come forward. Lot's of people have heard your story and asked me to verify, so that's what I am doing verifying. Take care and thanks for the research.

I understand what you mean, however, I'm not about to break trust with the victim, who personally asked that his name not be used. He trusted me with his story and I'm not going to release his name.

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