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Silver recovered from shipwrecks are great treasures, and a very appropriate one to show for #piratesunday!


The 2014 UK Quarter-Ounce Silver Coin

Britannia struck in silver from the SS Gairsoppa

recovered from deep below the surface of the sea.

Denomination: 50 pence

Metal: .999 silver

Weight: 7.83 gms

Dimensions: 22mm

Quality: BU

Mintage: 20,000

The reverse design of “Britannia”

was created by Philip Nathan.

The obverse depicts a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II designed by sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley.

Coins are edge-inscripted with the name SS Gairsoppa

Read more about the tragic story of the SS Gairsoppa and the story of heroism of the men who perished when the ship sank, using the slider to view the material that came with the coin.

Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead. I hope to see you again soon!


Very cool, using a portion of the onboard silver.

Hey @Khamen! Yeah... isn't it so cool? It is amazing that every time I look at the coin, I imagine it to be under the cold, dark sea, LOL! This thing has been down there for more than 70 years, older than my Mom if she was still alive. That makes the actual coins Pieces of Eight more interesting because those are from the 1800! WOW! So fantastic!

Very cool. I never knew about this coin. I watched a doc series about the recovery. And I bought one of the gairsoppa rounds when they came out. There was also a 10oz bar, which I did not get.

Yeah... I think I've seen those. Also, there is a Gairsoppa round, which I suppose cam from this shipwreck too? This one is UK govt-issued, and I think the others were by private mints.

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A wonderful story! I love stories behind the coins! Thanks!

Hahaha, isn't this so interesting? I, too, love stories and the history about the coins. It is so neat that they took a portion of the shipwreck silver and made them into modern coins for the general public to have. It is awesome to be able to hold a coin that has been under the sea for many, many years! Just fantastic!

This is so impressive, to have a coin re -struck from Silver recovered from the sea!!! You will have a peace of history. Some of the Silver bars i have were from melted and re-struck GSA bags of (junk) silver kind of a tragedy (:

Oh my... that is awesome, my friend! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, @silvertop! I will see you again! Have a terrific week ahead. Takje care.

Ahhh the immutable shiny! I wonder how much ancient Egytian gold has made it into bullion that people in this forum may hold?

I know the remelt gold and silver and remake them into jewelry... the do the process all over again... who knows. The 24K my Mom left me may have been made of remelted centuries-old gold. Goodness, what a thought!

I didn’t know that The Royal Mint ever made these. Thanks for sharing my friend.🌹

I am so glad to have been to show you a piece that is new to you, LOL! Yeah, they made 20,000 of these. Real shipwreck silver made into a govt issue coin. Really neat!

Wow, that's quite the story behind the silver. That's cool they used it to make specific coins that have a history that honors the men who lost their lives.

Interesting, huh?! I love stories behind coins. And love that they inscribed the coin with the ship name to honor the men, and also signify which shipwreck it came from. Isn't it neat?

they inscribed the coin with the ship name to honor the men

That is really neat. You've got a piece of history there.

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Real Treasure from the Deep and a Real Treasure of a Lady Sharing this with the Community..............@silversaver888

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment, @stokjockey. You did say that you have a Gairsoppa somewhere in your stack, and I was hoping you'd show it today. But perhaps another #piratesunday. Have a nice evening, my friend. Take care.

This was such a Wonderful Post that you did and I did not want to Take away Your Thunder. I can do mine next week on #PirateSunday #10. Let's See Now next Week is week #10 and my Gairsoppa is a 10 Oz. Bar.
Maybe next #PirateSunday #10 would be Perfect for Pirates to show US a 10 Oz. Silver Bar ?

I do have the 10 ozt bar version but I was thinking of saving it for another theme. Hmmm. Maybe...

Oh I know what you mean........@kerrislravenhill

More like Rememberance day or Veterans day type post.

Don't worry about it, @stokjockey #piratesunday is your baby. I'll reserve my bar for what I've originally planned and feel more for , Rememberance/Veterans day.

@silversaver888 the goonie in me went crazy over this post!! Not only does it include the tragic tale of the SS Gairsoppa to ignite the history, but then a coin minted from the very silver that went down with the vessel!! I really enjoy that the ships name is on the edge of the coinage. It really adds to it in my opinion!! Thanks for sharing!!

I knew that you would love the story and history behind this coin! Fascinating, isn't it?

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