Pirate Sunday Badassery....

in piratesunday •  12 days ago 

Batten down the hatches today Matties......

This be a piece of shiny to shiver your timbers.....


This piece is from the Intaglio Mint. It’s a 2oz Skull Horseman Rider Silver Round.

On the obverse is CARPE DIEM - Seize the day. Make the most of the present day.And on the reverse is MEMENTO MORI - A mortal reminder that you too will die.

How fitting for a #piratesunday post......

Aside from that it’s totally BADASS.....



Hope you enjoyed....



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I looked up badass in the webster dictionary, It only showed one picture.


👍 Thanks

Spiky ball too! Wicked looking Round! I like Punk Spikes.

VERY nice! Gotta love it.

Very appropriate for piratesunday, bestie!!!

Thank you my dear 🌹

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