Winners of Pinky And Spiky Contest Week 69

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Thank you everyone for participating! You all made us very happy with your comics about Pinky and Spiky attending graduation ceremony...

We would like to thank @noechie1827 who selected the following winners:

1st Place

By @khiabels:

2nd Place

By @lildebbiecakes:

3rd Place

By @stanestyle:

Here are the rest of the entries:

Click on the links to see their full posts. Congratulations to the winners! I will send them the prizes soon.

We hope to see even more entries next week! Here's a link for Week 70:

And now go wild with Pinky and Spiky!

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Thank you so much for the second place win my friends! Congratulations winners❣️

Felicitaciones amiga @lildebbiecakes ...tiempo sin verla....sus dibujos son muy bellos ,un abrazo,saludos

We miss your comics. When I was starting with Pinky and Spiky it is your comics that I always see. Hope you join next time

Hi @maggy7419 It’s so nice to hear from you, it’s been awhile. Thank you for your kind words, and support. Bless you my friend ❣️

Hope to see your comic this week!

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Thank you very much for the win ❤️ and steem. I am happy to see this news today. Congratulations everyone 🎉

This is seriously very exciting. Thank you for choosing me for 3rd place and thank you for the prize.

Your comic was very creative...

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It is interesting and fun. Congratulations, worthy winners :)

congratulations to all the winners

Congratulations to all winners


Congratulations my friends

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Excellent drawing stories!
Congrats all winners!

Hi you are here 😆 I just love looking at your art storm entries although I am not active there at the moment. Hope to see you participate in pinkyandspiky comics next time

@khiabels, comics isn't my drawing style, but maybe I'll try)

If you like to laugh, you will love it...

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