Pinky And Spiky Drawing Contest Week 65

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Hello Pinky and Spiky fans,

This is a comics I made today as my participation in the comics making contest of @organduo and @laputis. The theme is very timely as it is about the much talked about palcoin.

Everyone in the cabin is an active member of Steemit qualified to get palcoin claimdrop. Everyone except Spiky staked their palcoins hoping that there could be a brighter future for the said crypto.

Betsy: Did you get your claimdrop?
Spiky: I quickly sold them
Pinky: Goodbye palcoin
Cornelius: Popcorn?

Spiky had enough of coins and most of them do not have any use at all and so he quickly sold all coins from airdrop. Pinky was frustrated because Spiky got the most number of PAL then he just dumped them at once. Cornelius thought he heard popcorn 😁

Thanks hope you like it

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Congratulations @jadung on your win, awsome comic my friend ❣️

These cute flowers will surely make me feel good today. That is so thoughtful of you my friend. Thanks hope to see you on the next round.

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Oh this is so funny! Pinky's expression is hilarious and Dietrich is just sleeping like a pet... Wonderful. Simply wonderful... If I could I would give you my 200 percent upvote...

This reminds me - don't forget to claim your 100 ORGANDUO tokens.

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That's nice to hear thank you

You are welcome!

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