Pinky And Spiky At The Folk Art Fair

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Hi Pinky and Spiky fans,

Here is my webcomics entry to the 50th week of Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest by @organduo and @laputis

Pinky received an invitation to present at the International Folk Art Fair. She doesn't have an idea yet what to present so she asked the gang for some suggestions.
Cornelius came up with this portrait
Spiky came up with this
Pinky lost her patience and screamed out of frustration.
Have a great day

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What would Victor and Dietrich create?

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Poor Pinky lost her patience again:)

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Wow... what a clever idea you had, to have Cornelius and Spiky come up with such creative ideas for their folk art, fantastic! I would have loved to have seen what the others could have come up with❣️