Pinky And Spiky Drawing Contest 61

in pinkyandspiky •  3 months ago 

Hello Pinky and Spiky fans,

This is my entry for this week with the theme " Spiky carrying a mattress". Pinky has an upcoming out of the country recital and no one can look after the little ones. Spiky is also attending the said recital. The solution is take the little ones to Pinky's mom for baby sitting. The kids would only agree if they take with them their favorite mattress and food. So Pinky packed some apple cider for her mom as a gift and some peas, potato peels, flies and nectar. Too many heavy baggages but Spiky dared to carry everything on his own. Pinky's mom was delighted to see the gang and took them in.

Hope you like it

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I love how you incorporated everyone's favorite food into this comic! Also Pinky's mom looks very nice...

Thank you

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