A Guideline Reminder from the Church of Piglet

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Dearest flock, and the rest,

Attention spans being what they are on Steemit, we decided to repost our insufficiently famous eleven guidelines again.

The persistently hot weather also has something to do with this; it is far too warm to think up new things, and even a short bout of Trend Watching is too tiring on the eyebrows in these conditions. The Church of Piglet doesn't have airconditioning, you see, so all donations are welcome and will be put to good use.

Anyway, here are our eleven guidelines again, for those who haven't seen them yet, for those who upvoted without reading them, and perhaps even for those who know about them, but think it is best to ignore them for personal financial reasons. The code allows all sorts of behaviour, after all.

The Eleven Guidelines

You may wonder what you can do to make this a better place and offer some counterbalance to the skulduggery going on, preferably without getting retaliatory flags and dying a noble Steemit death.

To help you think about this, or rather think for you, as you want us to do, the Church of Piglet is kindly providing you with these eleven guidelines:

  • Focus on and vote for those you like and/or who provide content that interests you;
  • Don't follow the rich just because they have big wallets;
  • Unfollow all vote buyers;
  • Check for ghost followers who can't be arsed to curate and unfollow them;
  • Mute those on the trending page you feel are being grossly overpaid or otherwise annoying;
  • Mute schemers, reward pool rapists, vote-for-voters, circle jerkers, in-crowd free-wheelers, and the like;
  • Mute sycophants shamelessly sucking up to the big wallets in the comments;
  • Flag comment spammers;
  • Support whales who still care, and vote for witnesses who still care;
  • Provide the best content you can;
  • Read like you want to be read, and curate like you want to be curated.

If you follow these guidelines, you are at least doing your bit to make this a better place, and hence you can call yourself a righteous member of The Tribe of Good Intent, the layman's organisation associated with the Church of Piglet.

Resteem this for a free blessing, and go in peace!

And remember: it is all up to you, nobody else will make things better (except me, of course, your guiding light).

Kind regards,

The High Priest of the Church of Piglet, Holder of Truth, and Keeper of the Ivy Staff.

Image by Katharsisdrill

PS. Furthermore, we consider that delegations must be destroyed, ie. forked out again, not because they are inherently non-righteous, but because they are having a negative net effect on Steemit. Feel free to discuss this among yourselves.

The same thing in Latin, because it appears to turn some people on:

Ceterum censemus delegationes esse delendas.

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Resteemed. Where is my free blessing? 😭😭😭😭

Blessings be upon you! May you be remembered for many generations!

There you are.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Delegations have uses. I have delegated to some spam fighters and to minnows who can do more voting. I only get paid a little for one of them. More whales should give out delegations for free to spread the votes and build the community. They can make money anyway.

Thank your for your delegations to SFR and Admiralbot.

I need to write a post about the recent delegation. It's an honor for us to be able to deploy yalls SP to fight abuse. I can't stand the degree at which dishonesty and selfish people are able to accumulate stake so readily but not really contribute to the viability and sustainability of the platform and doing what we can to change that.

I think steemit can be much more than it is now and I want to help that process where I can

Absolutely. I'm not knocking delegations per se, or even all of their actual use. Delegations could have been great, and sometimes they still are, as you well know ;-), but overall, looking at their actual use, I think Steemit would be better off without them, as they mess up the social/stake/accountability/curating aspects of Steemit through bidbots and in other ways. And that's a pity.

Bidbots are just an emergent element of this platform. I think we need various ways to use our SP and delegation is very useful to me. Of course these tools can and will be misused. I see some saying that they should get rid of flagging too, but that's also an important tool.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Pricks are also an emergent element of this platform, as are uninterested whales. That doesn't mean I have to like them or support what's keeping them in business 8-P.

Now some people will think I am calling you a prick. That's funny. Could be just my sick sense of humour, though.

We have freedom here and people are free to be pricks. I'm not calling you one either.

Damn. Where's the drama in that?

Project Wise by @noisy is a fine grained vote delegation with rules. Instead of giving someone your power, you give them right to let's say five votes on content tagged with a given tag. This way you support curators in a more controlled way.

For me much of these guidelines seem like common sense.

Yet as a newbie just starting to be active on steemit I have resigned myself that follows don't come easily. So I post content that interesting to me. If others find it interesting, perhaps they upvote or comment perhaps not. But my personal rule of thumb is to follow those that follow me and upvote those that upvote me. I enjoy diversity as that is how I learn. And this method seems to broaden my views (we'll see how I feel in a year I guess :) )

As for posting the "best content you can" … Content quality is subjective. And one thing I have personally learned on other social media platforms, the best content goes unnoticed if its presented to the wrong audience. Or even the right audience if not presented properly.

Anyway, interesting post thanks for sharing your perspective

Not the delegations are evil, but the people, that abuse them.
If every whale and dolphin would start to delegate some SP to promising minnows or good projects, it could really make a difference.

I just preceded by delegating 200SP to the @church-of-piglet

There will always be amoral opportunists, or evil people, as some say, spoiling the fun of the Righteoustm. There is no point in trying to fight such people, as new ones will inevitably crawl out of the woodwork, but it could well be helpful to take away their toys and tools.

This would, of course, also do away with the righteous uses of delegations, such as yours, which would be a shame.

Still, if the net effect of delegations on Steemit is negative, which we think it is, there would be a net positive effect on Steemit if we fork out delegations, however reluctant we would be to see them go.

Before we had delegations, we had a lot of trails, which were also abused for self-voting.

Considering the fact, that some of the best projects at Steemit rely on delegations, like utopian.io, dLive or sndbox, I just don't think, that you can take it away without harming the whole Steem ecosphere.

I also think, that delegations were invented because of the fact, that the Steemit Inc. didn't want to pay the account creation and bandwidth fees for thousands of sock-puppet accounts. Through delegations, they are able to remove the delegations, as soon as the accounts have made enough Steem by themselves.

I think, instead of removing delegations, we should fight against bidbots / define clear rules under which they are allowed. And we should think of and propose a delegation model, that has similar advantages, but is more transparent and more abuse resistent.

That would be great, but we doubt it is possible to get rid of bidbots, or even curtail them, without getting rid of delegations. It is just a matter of what helps/hurts Steemit more overall. Opinions will vary, as they should.

We just need to create a "forbid-bot", which accumulates enough SP to flag bidbot votes ;-)

But seriously: We need to establish an incentive to quit using those services. Imagine, what would happen, if the use of bidbots/selfvotes would lower the reputation of the users? Or the other way around, if we would create a token to reward all people, that deny making use of these kind of votes?

That certainly wouldn't stop the abusers to use sockpuppets for their evil business, but maybe they would start to think about it.

@nonameslefttouse has already put forward a very good idea of how to go about it, but I don't think it is getting much traction.

You can read about it here and in some of his larger comments, but it is too hot here to track them all down for you. The Church of Piglet sorely needs air-conditioning.

Haha, same thing here. It‘s hard to think, while it’s so hot. But thanks for the link. I will certainly read through the post and comments and get back to you. Cheers!

Blessings! Thanks.

Unfollow all vote buyers

I am tempted to do this but I do have some friends that are otherwise ok. Do you have any list of excessive vote buyers? These are the ones I would like to weed out from my feed.

On the topic of muting, I wouldn't want to mute any abuser because I would like to to rather be aware of the abuse and flag accordingly. Muting is this blockchain equivalent of sweeping it under the rug. This problem will grow if we ignore it and we believe moderation is the responsibility of every user with their stake. The more eyes on the better.

I did want to inform you that you also can get rewarded for flagging abuse. Check out @steemflagrewards if you would like to participate. Hell, its better than self voting albeit may require a bit more time. (Basically you get your vote back on a comment plus a 13.6% bot vote thrown in as a bounty if you will.)

P.S. you only get your vote back + the 13.6 if the SFR bot has the SP to meet it it. We used to be able to only upvote maybe 0.07STU and now we can hit about 0.46 so good for mostly minnows and plankton.

Do you have any list of excessive vote buyers?

Yes. It is called "Trending Page" ;-).

The Church of Piglet itself does not mute for exactly that reason. We do, however, mute bidbot accounts, just to have a list handy.

The Church of Piglet wants no rewards for their flagging activities, though huge donations are welcomed as always.

Thank you for the guidelines @church-of-piglet

You are most welcome. Follow them and go in peace.


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Sombong sekali kamu

It says: "You are arrogant."

Not a spammy comment at all, this, so we will not flag it, but we will flag all the other comments you made just now, because they are spam, even though we can ill afford the voting power. We are nothing if not dedicated.