Piggericks Contest

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Piggericks is running a twitter contest.

Go check it out via their post:
Pigs are Fun Contest

You can win a Pair of Pigs that is worth $10.

Now to make it more fun I am am putting a Steem-bounty on top of it.

The rules for the bounty:

  • Post proof of your participation in the contest (you have to re-tweet and post your favorite pig gif.
  • You can make a screenshot and post it in the comment or post a link to your tweet

@knircky has set 50.000 STEEM bounty on this post!

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Happy Rewards Hunting!

Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!


I mentioned you in the "referred by" section.


And on Twitter:


All done @knircky



I'm surprised a lot of people haven't jumped on this. Resteeming this to create more awareness.


I guess 50 steem is not that interesting any more.

It is for me :)
Doing it later today!

Usually content discovery is a problem @knircky

Absolutely! Scrolling it's difficult to be here. Thanks to @crypto.piotr I am here.

Not for me...;)

I answer you as your link on post

For me it matter! I write answer ot the post contest....

so u are telling me you represent dapp_radar?

Yes that is my twitter account

this account is dangerous and restricted?