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After being absent for some time, I am finally ready to make another PIFC entry this week.

There are two things on my mind lately - traveling and homesteading. We haven't traveled much since we had our little one and I am starting to miss all of it.

That's why I chose a post about a place that I find rather intriguing (or in other words: I wanna-visit-it-cuz-it-looks-like-the-moon). Yep, that's right, it's a post about Iceland by @fabrix .

That time in Iceland...

Al rientro da una lunghissima giornata di escursioni, con mio fratello mentre cucinavamo la cena siamo stati distratti da dei bagliori.
When we came back from a very long day of excursions, while we were cooking at dinner with our brother, we were distracted by flashes.
Corriamo fuori ed era lei, la regina della notte, l'aurora boreale.
We run outside and it was she, the queen of the night, the northern lights.

The next post is a rather funny one. A short story about dealing with ... goats. @goat-girlz shares her troubles of having march muscles, coyotes and naughty goats.

On the difficulties of fencing goats, and other things

Keep in mind I am now sporting my March muscles, which are tiny and sad compared with my July muscles, when we put in 2000 bales of hay for various people before we're done.

I hope you like and support these bloggers efforts! Thanks for reading!



Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 49 is confirmed.

I supported both your featured posts.
Thank you for your entry. I look forward to seeing more entries from you in the future

Thank you @wolfhart!

Great entry I did one off these before and Nice to See that the account is doing good

Oh, great! :) So, we have the same "taste" for good posts :D

We do ad goat-girlz is very cool

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Thank you for the entry @insight-out; I enjoyed and supported both of them. Supported you with a 100%-er to help you reach minnow-hood too :)

Thank you very much! <3

You're welcome! I hope it all helps :)

I think this is a great entry. I have visited Iceland and love farming... and supported both of your bloggers.

Thank you @viking-ventures!

I have visited Iceland

Oh, I am a bit jealous right now :D

and love farming

I also love farming... in theory though :D I have never really looked after anything bigger than a flower pot :D But my husband and I just bought a spot to build a house and yey, we will finally have our own garden :) I have so many plans for it :D :D :D

When I discovered one year that Iceland Air was the cheapest (or second cheapest) route between London and Minneapolis - and that a layover was FREE as long as it was at least three nights - I decided to have us do that stopover. AMAZING!!! My only regret is that I should have done it on the way out rather than the way back (jet-lag) as it cost me seeing the northern lights. Anyway, I highly recommend it!

I can't wait to see your pictures as you develop your garden then! I haven't been able to do the whole shebang for a long, long time, but I keep hoping we'll have that bit of land I can farm on again...

but I keep hoping we'll have that bit of land I can farm on again...

I hope you do! Being close to land and nature makes incredible things to the human mind and body!

I am not sure if I am going to share our gardening experience. I was actually thinking of doing some homesteading posts but we will see :) I try to stick to my blogs' theme but sometimes I am really tempted to write about other things :)

You know, one of the beauties of steem is that you don't have to stick to a niche. That was the thing that kept me from being a successful blogger before - and it's the thing that makes this platform work for so many.

During the typical week, I have many book posts, but I also have posts about: photography, art, contests, genealogy, whatever I feel like doing at the time.

Thanks for sharing your experience, @viking-ventures! :) I appreciate it. Like I wrote to @roleerob I had a particular idea of having a psychology blog. However, maybe I should let my Steemit blog to be in a Steemian way :D We will see :)

Nice job winning a prize this week!

"I try to stick to my blogs' theme but sometimes I am really tempted to write about other things :)"

My advice / encouragement @insight-out? Take a "walk on the wild side" and write about whatever is on your heart! 😊 ...

Seriously, you'll then find out, rather quickly (at least that is my experience), what other Steemians value, although I believe even that is somewhat misleading ...

All depends on the purpose of the writing, I think. While I value "being paid" for writing, of course, I also find some sort of therapeutic value in simply having written some posts, no matter what value the Steem blockchain may place on them ...

Oh, I won a prize :D Yey :)

Well, it's all about priorities. I came on Steemit with the intent to make a psychology blog because I was going to make it anyway in my native language... But writing in English was a challenge and I decided to give it a go and translate the articles in Bulgarian later. So far, I haven't translated a thing and my Bulgarian blog doesn't exist. I put myself a deadline to create it till June 2019. However, writing about other topics is a distraction from my initial goal and will take valuable time away. On the other hand, my Steemit blog starts to live its own life and I am tempted to start "distracting" myself on other topics. Maybe I should give it a go and see where is it all heading :) I don't know yet :)

Thanks for your encouragement! :)

Certainly understandable @insight-out. I appreciate the narrower focus and your desire to keep time "in here" limited due to other priorities.

In time, we'll find out what you have deemed best! Just don't leave ... 😉

BTW, I think your English is very good. I don't know to what you would attribute this, but thought I would mention it.

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BTW, I think your English is very good. I don't know to what you would attribute this, but thought I would mention it.

Oh, thank you so much for saying this. A year ago I would think that an English blog is just a "mission impossible". It's funny how sometimes we are completely unaware of what we are capable of doing and we limit ourselves.

English has become a universal language. If you want to be part of the world, you need to know it. Otherwise, you will be left out :) I have been studying it since childhood but I have much more to learn :) I guess when you are a foreigner you can never truly master a language especially if you have never lived in the countries where it is natively spoken :)

high five - nice PICF entry, great finds.
I dont think I have welcomed you to #tenkminnows yet. please only use the tag once a day and keep posting great content ( and finding great authors) so we can help get you over the line

Thanks a lot! :) However, I think I've just become a minnow :D

Not a minnow until you own 500sp, leased SP doesn't count.

Hahaha, it's been nearly 10 months now and still, I haven't figured out how to calculate my SP right. Lol :D

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Hi, you may not know me, and i dont really know you. However, i saw through tryskele that you are trying hard to obtain minnowhood....so, i give you a gift. I only ask that you please use it to powerup. But if you don't, i won't be upset. After all, It is a gift. All i ask in return is that you in return take a moment to help someone else. Until we meet again, i send you and yours all my love and happy peaceful vibrations.

Wow! Thank you very much! This is so generous of you!!! I will definitely Pay It Forward to someone else the following month! <3