Pied Piper Coin Airdrop and howto sell them on ddex.io

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A twitter account that is not affiliated with HBO started an airdrop of Pied Piper Coin a couple weeks ago. After the recent episodes of Silicon Valley where they announced that they are starting an ICO in the dialogue people got hyped that it would turn into a real one through their website http://www.piedpiper.com/#ppc which looks quite real.

Anyway, the twitter account https://twitter.com/piedpipercoin had a real airdrop for anyone who filled in a quick google form with their username and twitter profile. Every participant received 750 PPI and the coins quickly started trading on decentralized exchanges. I decided not to touch them yet but today @followbtcnews let us know that the coins were currently trading for over $1 each, considering that's already $750 I thought I'll just sell them. Worst case scenario they could continue go up and not go down to this price range again but if I know airdrop coins well enough I think a lot of people have abused the amount of airdrops they've received and are going to dump them all at these prices. Which means I'll have a chance to buy this joke of a coin later at a lower price just to ride it out for fun. Remember what happened with Dogecoin?

Anyway, just thought I'd make a post explaining how to sell those coins for those that also participated in the airdrop and I told about - if they want to sell them.

Go to https://ddex.io/trade/PPI-ETH

Login to your Metamask, if you don't have Metamask - downloat it at https://metamask.io/

You can import your ETH address into it through the private key and once you're on Ddex, all you need to do is use some of the eth on your balance to convert them to weth which allows you to trade onto there.

Afterwards you just open the PPI-ETH site and place a sell order of your PPI depending on the order book on the right side. Once they are sold you can just unweth them back into eth and the eth will be back in your balance and transferable.

I just sold 750 PPI for 0.0015-0.00152 Eth each which brings it to a bit over $1. If you're fast enough you might be able to sell them for that price too, or wait it out and see what happens if you want to risk it.

Hope this helped made you some extra $. Thanks for reading!

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I got into this airdrop and managed to get 800$ worth out of it :-) I can show proof of this if u want ;-○


Nice job. I'm just starting to look into these air drops and it looks like every once in a while, you could hit a small jackpot with them.

Woot, I will just hold them for fun. They were free, and it's my favorite show so who cares I guess.. 1$ is pretty high though lol!

I've recently found out about bounties, airdrops and other interesting stuff.
Going to research them as soon as my exams will be over.

Oh man did I miss it?

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After the recent episodes of Silicon Valley where they announced that they are starting an ICO in the dialogue people got hyped that it would turn into a real one through their website
It might be an advertisement then, this is how they sell their coins and I don't think its worth a buy this time.

I've been wondering for ages if there are actual airdrops that people made any money from and it is interesting to see a post like this one.

I came across one give 100cps-=10 usd but the withdrawal will be available on 1st july check it here

I have heard about the pied piper coin before...
Many see that crypto is not gonna survive well i see how great things are introduced everyday to the crypto world encouraging the whole world including those morons who still dont believe in crypto....
Well this time i will sign up for this..

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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Great info. Thanks for sharing

I almost wish HBO would have had the gall to create their own coin and launch it during that episode.

Even if it turned into an HBO-coin, it would've been amazing.

I feel like reddit should come up with some altcoin or some kind of token instead of reddit Gold, I think it would be really popular.

Reddit would definitely be one of the few companies that could do it and get away with it as part of the brand.

And it doesn't have to be an either-or. They could keep doing Reddit Gold, and then supply payouts back to users via RedditCoin.

thanks for the information @acidyo, if it is really like that done by twitter account what is the advantage for us? and why the master @acidyo not willing to touch it.? maybe your reason is also a concept for us sir, sorry if there is my words wrong

Dont sell these! HODL!

I never get to hear or know about genuine airdrops like this. I hope my village people are not following me. Look at all that free money⛄

This really helped
How can one get the free airdrop I don’t seems to figure that out .
Thanks for this update . This is some fast cash
You’re much appreciated

The airdrop already happened a couple weeks ago.

Awww too bad I missed that , that would have been so cool fast cash . Smiles
Thanks all the same

Awww thanks man , that’s some consolation.

A very useful Imformation @acidyo, Honor for me can read all the posts you share.

Views and changes occur This whole show that Everyone wants to create something that is most beneficial for everyone, I want to give a suggestion to friends all over the world to be able to take something very useful from this post about what is happening at this time about twitter account started an incarnation water from Pied Piper Coin people feel that it will turn out real through their website http://www.piedpiper.com/#ppc that looks quite real.
This is something very extraordinary, and we need to know at this time all investors gather to meenang business competition and I believe this is the beginning of a victory for us to global market competition will be.

Thank you @acidyo

We win together

See You on the top

May be I have just been living under a rock... There is a backstory to this coin isn't there?

I wish I would have known it was a real airdrop, I thought it was a joke for the show. Congrats to those who got in! :) Maybe next time for me.

Thank you for share your great information about how to sell them on ddex.io...

Wait, so there's no decentralised internet being funded by PPI?

who knows :D

Come on it totally not going to rip of Maidsafe code then call it a day ;)

Where it was when they gave those coins :(either way, thanks for the information is useful, with regard to what you say it may be a good idea to keep them as you say, it is not known if they can increase their value, the problem would be if it decayed a lot could Generate lost

@ifran, I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in…

Thanks for the info!

That’s a wrong approach to it my friend , be a faithful and loyal follower and you’d get the upvote and follower-ship without bargaining for it

Because of my internet I lost that and many more things!
if you sell them is a sure sale and you would be winning !, but if you do not touch them you can surprise you, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and may go up a lot or go to the ground ..
It is very good this type of information not only for this currency, but for another one that one has that helps us a lot to know how is the best way to sell it.
Thanks @acidyo.

Nice post sir thank you

Thanks a lot for the info
I really did not hear of such airdrop
I guess I have been too inactive lately

wow man, that's a great news for us....
thank you very much...
i support u all time man...

if https://steemit.com/@acidyo you would allow me to let this guys know there is an aidrop going on for 100 CPS=10USD withdrawable on 1st July here is the link on my blog https://steemit.com/ethereum/@geeadams/coinpayments-airdrop-or-or-100-usdcps-worth-usd10-alert-for-airdrop-lovers

I get only 5 PPI !