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RE: Physics - Classical Mechanics - Position, velocity and acceleration vectors in a plane motion

in #physics6 years ago

Great article it is always nice to find someone with same interest.
I guess you will mostly focus on Mechanics? Or will other topics follow as well?


I guess I will first finish of Mechanics to have a nice flow in my posts.
But I'm also thinking of getting into Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Relativity and even more branches in the future!
Automation of those equations and theorems in code is in my to do list as well..
Glad you enjoy Physics as well...

I wrote a bit about special relativity (basic stuff) and I will try to write about other topics as well. I guess I will publish the last part of my special relativity text in the coming days and then write about electrics/electrodynamics. It would be amazing if you would maybe look other my posts and give me some constructive criticism.

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