Footprints in the Sand

in phototalent •  4 months ago  (edited)

Having fun in the sun whilst sitting on the beach on a cool winters day!
As you can see I was playing with the pebbles!

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photos taken by @claudiaz with a smartphone
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That's some very clean sand - it's a little hard to find beaches like this near me. I guess there's one, but I haven't went there for a year...hope it didn't changed!

The footprint reminds me of the GNOME project, I mean, the toes look somehow similar, lol.

Winter day with sun, how's the weather? In Malaysia every day is equally hot so I'm wondering 😂

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we have distinct summer and winter weather we are a little further south than you @lilacse

This is adorable! 😊


That's really cool. Creative idea.


thank you @ikarus56

😍😍 Lovee it! 😁😁

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