Caturday - Saturday is Caturday

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Saturdays we set aside to honour our small furry friends. And today I am sharing a photo of a small kitty which a friend of mine rescued a few days ago. She is still a little shy but getting used to her new surroundings as well as the dogs quite quickly.

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photos taken by @claudiaz with a smartphone
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He/she looks very focused!


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small kitty is so sweet!!!

Cute cat! I've got a guest kitty staying at my house for a few months. He just arrived today. So far he hasn't stopped growling...hopefully he settles down soon. He just spent about 2,500 miles in a car though, so I don't blame him.



Poor kitty, that is a pretty long car ride. Definitely understandable.

Your friend has a good heart for rescuing the kitty. Not everyone is willing to just rescue animals in need. Such a cutie glad she has a home.

Adorable with those huge eyes of innocence looking back at you!


Adorable with
Those huge eyes of innocence
Looking back at you!

                 - joanstewart

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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Awww so adorable kitty!😄💕 Blessings for your friend that rescued her!💛☄

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Lovely kitty.

He's a cute little one, I love his colors and pattern.So small too, but he's definitely a looker :p

Reminds me of a few cats I saw beside the road a few months of the kittens look like this. Cuteeeee <3

Someone should sell a calendar in which all Saturdays were replaced by Caturdays. It might sell well, who knows 😂

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Have you decided on a name yet?

Ok I am in love ... red I wish you a great caturlife

Hope this kitty is happy with her new home!

Much love and respect to anyone who rescues <3