Steemit Philippines Street Photography #287 - by Allmonitors

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#287 - Happy together. We were young ones and I can relate to this photo of two kids enjoying their time while they walk with their old people. If only we can turn back time.😊 Shot in Baguio City, Philippines.


Image/s were shot using SBD paid Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex

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Very nice phototography my dear friend


Yes, these are the happiest moments. An interesting photo.


Nice shot Idol. Have a wonderful day!

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Salamat sir.😊

Your so bless having a happy kids enjoy your time bonding

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Not my kids. Just random shot in the street.😊

Its a cute photography. That children are looking very happy and naughty.

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I miss being a kid.😊

We always get to hear those phrases (If only we can turn back time.) whenever we try to remember the past for any reason. Although it is indeed nostalgic how time went by, living life with regrets is like telling yourself you haven't been strong enough to face what's ahead.

Not exactly. There's just somethings you missed doing with, especially if you have a wonderful childhood in the province.😊

Nice photo freedom


A powerful picture that said a lot of things


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